Horse Lovers Unite

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Just a place for us cowgirls to exchange quick ways to avoid the kitchen so we can get to the barn...oh yeah and to brag on our ponies!

Feb 6, 2014

food for love

If you are not entering for your self, may I ask that you would vote for my recipe should you like the dish and the story that goes with it..Thanks a million!

Feb 3, 2014

What was I thinkin'?

So Saturday I went to the library to pick up some books I had ordered and on the check out desk was a pamphlet about a baking contest held in February. So I signed up. Unfortunately I did not read the pamphlet in it's entirety until later, when I found out that I needed to provide 100 different baked goods cut into small sample pieces. I do not even have 100 recipes for baked please help..and kindly make it simple recipes cause that is a lot! of baking...thank you. P.S. Next time I will read everything before I jump..

Janice Bowman
Feb 1, 2014

Easy recipes for busy horse lovers. Please add yours. :)

Easy Cheese Dip:
1 2 pound block of Velveeta cheese
2 cans Rotel tomatoes
1 pound cooked breakfast sausage ( I use Owens )
Place in a crock pot on low until melted. Serve with tortilla chips. It is so good.

Jan 24, 2014

Wedding Cake 2

Hi, so what I am looking for is for someone to make my wedding cake, an individual or a bakery in my neighborhood; however I do not know how to address only the members from my neck of the woods. I did find how to locate them but not how to address them all.

Jan 23, 2014

German Heritage

I have started a group for all things German, please join in and share stories, recipes, memories. Would love to see you there(:
Thank you much.

Beth Baucom
Dec 25, 2013

New Member

I'm having too much fun here! Staying up too late!
I just came across JAP the other day and every time I get on I discover something new!I started a cookbook. I love the way all this is set-up and now I've discovered a horse lover group. This is just too good. All in one package, cooking and horses.

Janet Scott
Dec 8, 2012

New group member

I am rescuing two beautiful babies, they are very young (one and the other is two yrs old)
Skin and bones...poor babies. They should be arriving at our home today but hoped I will be able to get some advise if needed. Thanks!

Janice Bowman
Nov 28, 2012

New Member

This sounds like a fun group. Like I said on the welcome wagon link, if I am not teaching my 8th grade math an algebra students, I am riding one of my two quarter horse mares. I cook a lot of plain daily meals during the week. I am making chicken fried steak fingers tonight. I will be sharing some of my favorite recipes as I make them. I have already shared my frozen cheesecake recipe.
I will be happy to post some pictures of horses. I have two seven year old mares. One is a buckskin, and the other is a strawberry roan. I have had the buckskin "Abby" for three years. I have trained her to run barrel. I compete at small barrel races almost every weekend. I usually place in the "slow" division (the 4D). I live in the Houston area and the competition is pretty tough. Ruby is my newest horse. She is a trained heel horse. I bought her to train on the barrels. My husband "James" wants to train her to rope calves. He also competes in his event, but not as often as I do. Ruby is ready for the novice barrel classes.