Kids Say The Funniest Things

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My church gives out a magazine called "Mature Living" each month. One of the biggest articles in it is called 'Grandparents Brag Board" where two pages are dedicated to what their grand kid's say. As we all know children do say the funniest, I created this group for you to share the funniest things your child or grandchild has said so we too, can smile, grin, or laugh....

Please if you have something to share.....start a new thread where others can post their comments under your thread. Some just read where a thread is started and don't leave a comment....with this being said your story may get over looked....and I sure don't want that to happen.....:)

Enjoy your stay!

P.S. Since this is a group about the kids in our lives....please feel free to share any accomplishments, awards, etc., that they have achieved at school, church, or a sport event and you are proud of them for it.....becasue we want to rejoice with you.

Bob Cooney
Jun 19, 2015

I was put in my place yesterday. ....

I decided to go to Olive Garden for lunch yesterday. ... As I was walking in, a family was walking out, having just finished their dining experience. ...
I stopped and held both doors by stretching my arm out.....

All of a sudden I hear......

" I GOT THIS !!! "

I look to my right and have to look down. ....

Here's this 4 or 5 year old young man holding the door and looking up at me with a " Stare " that said. .. " I'm the man in this family ! "

I said, You bet and backed off his territory. .. Lolololololol

Everyone laughed and I said. .. THAT Young Man is going to be successful. ...

" I GOT THIS !!! "

Loved it :)

Sharon Colyer
Dec 23, 2014


My 4 yr. old granddaughter said to her dad a couple of days ago: DO WE CELEBRATE HAPPY HARMONICA? :)


What French Kids eat for lunch.
Very interesting.

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Picky Eaters
My little ones eat everything!! LOL But I found this interesting. I do know some picky little eaters!!
Heres a fruit pop recipe I made for my Grandbabies.
Princess Fruit Ring Pops/Strawberry Thyme

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Colleen Sowa
Apr 15, 2014

Kids are funny!

My 4 grandchildren were eating dinner... Ashton (6) was eager for dessert... and said he wasn't hungry for dinner.... so then all 4 kids agreed with him... they wanted grandma's carrot cake.

So...... as usual, I asked each child, "Gavin...How old are you?" He answered, "11 grandma". I told him to eat 11 bites of his dinner, next was Paxton (4) and he had to eat 4 bites, then was Evie, "How old are you Evie?" She said 9, so she had to eat 9 bites of dinner. Last..... was six year old Ashton, I asked, "Ashton, how old are you?" He answered, "I'm one grandma!" LOL


My Granddaughter just decorated and helped with my Birthday cake. She said wow Nana our cake is amazing!!!!!! LOL

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