March 23-26, 2012 Florida JAP Meet Up

Hosted by Dee Stillwell
Group active since Wed, Jul 13, 2011

We are planning a nationwide JAP meetup on March 23-26, 2012. It is in the first stages of planning but I want to get the word out early so the ones who want to come, can plan for their time off and finances. It will be on "Jane McMillan's Island" in beautiful Dania Beach, Florida, near Ft Lauderdale. We are planning a cook off challenge with mystery ingredients, a sunday brunch, 2 restaurants that were on Diner's Drive In's & Dives, that we want to eat out at. We will have tons of fun, food, relaxing on the beach on Jane's backyard, and foolishness..along with cooking, eating, drinking and laughing till we wet our pants (pack the Depends,LOL). More info will be posted here as it is collected. Feel free to post suggestions in the comments as they will all be considered. But remember this is a extended weekend event so there's not time for everything. I am looking forward to meeting all my Foodie Sisters.
We will miss spring break by 2 weeks one way and Easter by 2 weeks the it's perfect timing.

Connie Ottman
Mar 27, 2012

Spring 2012 Get together

What a wonderful time! We laughed, ate, cryed, ate, sang, cooked, ate, and became good friends. Please try and join us in 2013 in New Orleans:)

Jane Whittaker
Feb 1, 2012

My car is still acting up, sorry about that

However I am going to try to go to one place right here in town called the Dive Shop.
My car is sputterng and just plain stalling out, good thing I live with a mechnanic?
GW told me there are 3 coral reefs here locally, one is in the park, one you have to get a boat for.
The trips to everglades I can go online for and see what's available.

Dee Stillwell
Jan 30, 2012

Quality Inn & Suites is chosen for our trip

I have spen alot of time pouring over the decision between vacation house vs hotel. From the feedback i have gotten from those comming, most wante to stay conservative on cost. It got to where alot of places are booked already so choices are slim. I spent alot of the weeken online looking for 1. hotels that ha queen beds instead of doubles and kings only. It amazes me how many do only have those choices. I figured is alot of us are bunking up, we would need more room that a double. I finally found this hotel that has everything we were all requesting, refrigerator, microwave, pool, airport shuttle($10)and queen beds. They also had 1 king suite available that has king bed, sofa sleeper and a recliner...and a spa tub that fits 2 ppl(yeah right, lol)but some may want to take a roomy relaxing soak by themselves, hehe. I booked that one for our central meeting quarters. Also avail are 2 queen beds to a room. These two rooms should work for us and give those who want their own bed that option. We can save about $100 if we book & pay in advance. I will figure out the costs and divide it between us and let u all know. If we choose that option I will need u to mail me a check or money order in advance. if not i need to know ASAP so i can book the other room with my cedit card and we can all split the costs when we get there.
I have a few of ur phone numbers, but still need Connie, Kimi, and Monica's. Please PM me them ASAP

Here is the link so u can check it out:

Jane Whittaker
Jan 19, 2012

just posted on facebook pict of hotels

laquinta, springhill suites and motel 6
I am also currently working with realtors to see if there are any beach houses available that weekend.

Jane Whittaker
Jan 15, 2012

Hotels for the JP get together in March.

Just a short list of some of the good hotels near where we will be having our challange and cook out in John lloyd State Park.
I am not going to tell you all where to stay, just PLEASE please find one fairly near the park.
This area is a few miles north of Miami and driving here is to say the least, congested. It takes awhile to go even short distances with traffic. You don't want to spend all your time driving to get somewhere.
You also don't want to stay in a not so nice neighborhood.
The Hollywood and Dania area would be the closest, here are a few of them:

1.laQuinta Inn and Suites
2620 N 26th Ave
Hollywood, FL 33020

2.Springhill Suites ( all rooms are suites)
151 SW 18 Court
Dania Beach, FL 33004

3.Motel 6 (right down the road from me, cheapest, but not as nice)
825 E Dania Beach Blvd.
Dania Bdach. FL 33004

4.Hampton Inn and Suites
2500 Stirling Road
Hollywood, FL 33020

5. Confort Inn there is a confort next door to the Hampton, don't have the ady for that.

Blondie Pussycat
Jan 15, 2012

Is this thing gonna happen?

I have been wondering, Dee, if you have a headcount for this meet-up? I would like to go, but no one's talking about the plan. HELP! :/

Jan W
Oct 27, 2011

What's the latest?

I know it's still some months away but doesn't seem to be much discussion on the plans for March in Florida...

Anyone know what the latest comments or plans are? We need to start posting & see how much interest there is at this point in time...

I'm planning to go...anyone else?

Dee Stillwell
Oct 3, 2011

Sacramento, CA JAP Luncheon

I have been trying to get this together for awhile now and finally decided to do it b4 the holidays get here. We will be meeting at the Squeeze Inn in Roseville @ 1pm. I hope u will all be able to attend. Please bring ur Just A Pinch recipe club aprons if u wish to wear them in a group photo with fellow Sacramento, CA area members. I'm looking forward to seeing some of u again and some of u for the first time for this 2nd meet up. I hope it turns into many more in the future and lifelong friendships are formed. : D
Please contact me via my FB page, Dee Stillwell, Citrus Heights, CA and RSVP on the event link if u plan to attend. or can pm me here and leave ur number so i can get back to u with the details. thanx, Dee