Harley Riders

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Just a fun group for Hog riders that are always on the go and want some good recipes to have when they are safe at home after the journey.

Jeanne G
May 14, 2013

Riding young

Hi all. Just joined the group a minute ago. I have been on bikes most of my life,but had to wait til the kids were grown to get my fatboy. My bike suits my personality; low key but sassy!
What's on your menu tonight? I'm thinking some grilled chicken and veggies.

deborah borel
Dec 28, 2012

Very new to the group!!!!

howdy from Dallas Tx. Hope this finds you all doing well. Not sure what the "average" age in this group, but I may be one of the "oldies but goodies":-) ,,so what do we do in "here". please friend me on facebook, Deborah F Borel, or email me at mkpink56@yahoo.com( and no,, 56 is not my age now:-) but I loooooooove to ride! Please stay in touch!!! Lovin ya all,Deborah

Dee Robinson
Dec 26, 2012

cold weather

I live in southern georgia, pretty close to florida, so the weather is always great for riding, except for lately..burrr..even too cold for me, thank goodness it doesnt last long..but I do love cooking when its cold out..tomorrow is 15 bean soup, fried potatoes and cornbread. I like putting the potates on the bottom of the bowl then adding the soup.ANy cold weather meal ideas??

Michelle Meola
Dec 12, 2012

Happy Holidays Everyone

So last night I make a pot roast. I used a Johnny Walker Marinade, Beef Broth, and probably a cup and a half of wine in the slow cooker with potatoes, carrots, celery, and mushrooms. Oh and before hand I braised the meat in a bacon olive oil fro the Olive Mill. I seasoned it with garlic, pepper, and very little salt. It came yummy...

Michelle Meola
Oct 3, 2012

Fall Cooking

What is everyone's favorite fall meal? Mine is stew or beer braised short ribs in the slow cooker. WHich is supper easy. All you need is the short ribs (browned), your favorite BBQ sauce, and two bottles of a stout like beer. Serve it with bettered noodles and your choice of veggie.

Allison Jones
Jul 28, 2012

New Here

Hi, my name is Allison and while browsing the groups, I came across this one. My husband and I ride, although I can't ride for very long trips because of potential health problems. We are on our 4th Harley, started out with a sportster, then another sporster, upgraded to a road king, and now we're on a softail standard. The softail is probably my favorite, although the road king was good for longer trips. Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself and say "Hey".

Michelle Meola
Jul 16, 2012

A year later

Our lttle group has grown. Well the man is probably going to Too Broke and I will be staying home... What's a girl to do... Well it is between two choices.. Vegas or cooking, what shall it be, what shall it be!

sherry monfils
May 24, 2012

funny, somewhat!!

We went for a ride the other day and the battery died on us, or so we think it's the battery, or could be a wire loose.
Anyway, thankfully we had a friend who was riding w/ us and he went to his sons house to get him to come jump us.
It was so hot and there was no shade to sit in. Then a lady came by and said she would get her in-laws to come help us, because they lived right up the street.
They came w/ water----yes!!
But, it was kind of funny, because we had so many people trying to help us, but their jumpers were too large for out battery.
We finally got jumped by our frinds son and home we went.
My honey thinks it's a wire, but I'm not getting back on 'till he finds out for sure, because I think it's the battery!!