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Are there other SPAM lovers out there? Let's share recipes

charlene graham
Jun 20, 2012

Spam Celebrating 75 yrs.

Has anyone tryed the 2 new flavors yet? I just found the black pepper looking for the jalapeno.Wow new recipes

Laura Grant
Sep 7, 2011

Grilled Spam sandwiches

I grew up on fried spam sandwiches on toast. Oh yes! Cheese was a real treat...
When the Spam is nice and crisp (but not overdone) diced up and added to beans is fabulous. My husband thinks I'm a bit nuts, but then I think it unusual that he doesn't like it.

Sherri Williams
Sep 3, 2011

i want a years worth of spam!

Most of you know much I love my Spam. Well they are having a Local Favorite Meal Makeover Challenge. If you love shrimp & grits, you will especially take a likin' to this local favorite using delicious fresh gulf coast shrimp. Stop by and check out the recipe and show my SPAM creation some love. You can vote daily til Oct 3rd. the link is below. BTW, you can put it between 2 slices of great and you got a slammin' sammie! thank you! sw ☺

Kathleen Howard
Sep 1, 2011


I rarely eat prepackaged food, but I do have my vices and spam is one of them, has to be fried in butter and has to be crispy!!!! OH WOW DEEP FRIED SPAMOMG. GRilled cheese and spam,spam and scrambled eggs,spam quich& Asparagus, YUMMO