Christmas Carolers

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The two things I love most in this world (besides my family of course) is singing the praises of cooking and Christmas. I absolutely live for both all year round! I wanted to start this group for those like me who are forever in search of new holiday recipes, recipies for gift ideas and maybe even a decoratiing idea or two.

Samantha Dean
Nov 2, 2012


Hello my faithful little elves!

I am so sorry I have been missing in action for so long. This year has been a rough one for us with many changes. My sister was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and had to have a mastectomy, so I spent quite a bit of time taking care of her. I no sooner got home that my mother had a heart attack and required open heart surgery so back I went to take care of her. Both my daughters met the loves of their lives and got married. Now I have a new grandbaby due in March. Her name will be Harlequinn (Harlei) Lei, and I am so excited to meet her!! Now I am busy preparing for the holidays AND the baby shower in January (Willie Wonka theme). Hopefully I can figure out a way to post some pictures after the shower.

I am back now though, and will try to make some time to get back in here with all of my beautiful carolers. I have missed you all!!

How has your year been? Are we ready for Christmas yet??!! :)

Samantha Dean
Dec 5, 2011

Christmas Carols!

My husband and I came up with our own Christmas carol that perfectly describes our Christmas.
We love to cook and this song fits our lifestyle this time of year. Feel free to sing along!

12 Days of Christmas Goodies

On the 12th day of Christmas our house is filled with these...

12 Bags of Pecans
11 Bricks of Cream Cheese
10 Fresh Baked Rolls
9 Marachino Cherries
8 Glasses of Eggnog
7 Layer Red Velvet Cake
6 Pans Of Dressing
4 Deviled Egg Trays
3 Baked Pies
2 Honey Baked Hams
And A Huge glass of Alka Seltzer

Samantha Dean
Nov 11, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Hi Gang,
Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Things got crazy around here. We are almost into the holiday season now and I was wondering what all of you have been doing to prepare? I have loads of stuff on my "top shelf" waiting to be prepared. I have been trying out a few new recipes too and adding to my regular holiday favorites.

Samantha Dean
Jul 20, 2011

Christmas Party

For a long time I worked for House Of Lloyd (Christmas Around the World). Unfortunately the founder, Harry Lloyd, passed away and his company had to be sold. This was my favorite job I had ever held. When we did our demonstations, we always had party games. My former supervisor and I have remained close over the years and every year she hosts a christmas party where we still play a lot of our games. We are forever on the search for new christmas party games (as most of the guests are the same and have played these over and over). Does anyone have a unique party game they might like to share that maybe you do at your house or christmas party?

My favorite is a new one I found last year. You take a present and wrap it, then wrap it again, and continue to do this many, many times. You can get creative and even put it in different size boxes along the way. You give the present to one guest and have them put on a pair of oven mitts. That guest tries to unwrap the present with the oven mitts on their hands. Meanwhile the other guests are passing dice and try to roll doubles. When another guest rolls a double the present and mitts are then given to them to try and open until someone else rolls doubles. This continues until the present is fully unwrapped and exposed. The guest that gets the present opened gets to keep the gift.If you want you can stick things like maybe a gift certificate from McDonalds or something inbetween the wrappings so anyone exposing the certificate gets to keep it. It's fun and it is hilarious to watch your guests stand over each other making them pass the dice.

Samantha Dean
Jul 11, 2011

What's Your Favorite holiday food and why?

Ever since I can remember, there was ALWAYS a big bowl of cheese peas on every holiday table. It didn't matter what the holiday, Mom made cheese peas. If we went to my sister's house...there were the cheese peas. If we went to a neighbor's house that didn't know the took cheese peas (we insisted), lol. Today my kids insist I make the cheese peas every holiday. There have been a few times we have went to friend's houses and there were none but I had to make them as soon as we got home or none of us felt like we had a holiday. I guess you could say our family's unspoken motto is....VIVE LA CHEESE PEAS!! lol

Samantha Dean
Jul 10, 2011


Every year I make so many different pies, cakes and candy that it would cost me a fortune for all the ingredients if I bought it at one time. Around this time of year is when I begin to stockpile things for the upcoming holidays. Powdered sugar, brown sugar, flavorings and food colors are always good to get and if you have a deep freezer (so glad I do) you can get things like oleo, chocolate chips and candied fruits ahead of time. Does anyone else have any tips on how they prepare ahead for the holidays?