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A Rainbow...

A rainbow of colors
That lets us discover
It makes us happy
And not unhappy
It's way up high
High in the sky
It makes us wonder
And not feel under
We can't reach it
Or even break it
It comes after the rain
To let us feel no pain
A rainbow of colors
As it hovers
Come again rainbow
As if it's a halo

By: Eve Anderson

Monica Redmon
Dec 16, 2012

To the little angels that lost their lives in CT

The lights are a little dimmer
At the house down the road
Where the children use to play
The Christmas tree once looked upon with joy& anticipation
Now stands quietly with gifts around it
That now are just empty wishes & dreams
Now the attention is drawn to the room
Where laughter and play use to be
Tears begin to fall as memories fill the mind
What would my little one have been?
A doctor or lawyer or someone great?
That has escaped us now,like a snowflake that falls to the ground and simply melts away
The lights dim and the night time falls
Hush little baby don't you cry
Mommies going to love you till the end of time......

sherry monfils
Dec 16, 2012


Flowering snowstorm
a fearless sky

Too many questions
they fly

Like flakes of doom
feathering down

For your fate
which is not within
your reach

I will take your
solemn oath
and will not breach

What has been borne...

My Dear Friend Karen

My dear friend Karen passed away today
Which makes me feel gray
I will miss her a lot
And she'll never be forgot
I will think of her lots
And keep her in my thoughts
She'll always be in my heart
So when I fall apart
I will hold my heart
I love you Karen
As each day is narrowing
At least she'll be at peace
No more pain and at ease
As she becomes a angel
Like a floating halo
My dear friend whom I'll love and miss until my end



Cindee Vett
Aug 24, 2012

The Cowboy

Another that was published in the National Library of Poetry. Hope you enjoy.

The Cowboy

He's rough, he's tough and rugged,
He loves his rodeo
His face austere and somber,
No emotions will he show
He wears it like an armor,
This Cowboy way of life
He beats away the lonliness,
That cuts him like a knife
His heart he guards securely,
Encased in cold hard stone
Mounted on his faithful steed,
He roams this life alone
But deep inside the Cowboy,
Hidden where none can see
Is a heart and soul so beautiful,
It brings me to my knees
He isn't one for many words,
But in actions and in deeds
He's found his way into my heart,
And is sure to never leave
He fills my days with laughter,
My nights with pure desire
He fans the flames of passion,
He sets my soul on fire
So if you ever find a Cowboy,
Look past the cold facade
For gaining the love of The Cowboy,
Is a special gift from God.

Cindee Vett
Aug 24, 2012

Burning Trails

Here is a poem that I wrote many years ago. It was published in the National Library of poetry.

Burning Trails

The palest threads of amethyst highlight the night sky.
In my mind the memories play,
I hear the sweetness of your sigh.
As I stare up at the heaven's,
Enclosed in gauzy veils
My fingers brush away the tears
That leave their burning trails.
The wind so soft and gentle, blows
Lightly through my hair,
I close my eyes so briefly,
Ad you are standing there
I want to reach out to you,
And feel your loving touch,
Surely to love and lose could
Never hurt this much.
The rain begins to fall now,
Reality takes your place.
But in my heart I'll always find
Your tender, warm embrace.

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