Depression Era Recipes

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For many of us 50's children here on JAP, we have memories of Depression Era recipes that our parents continued to cook for us, even when the Depression was past. They didn't always use measurements, just what was on hand. Feel free to share your favorites, and antedotes.

Donna Brown
Apr 2, 2012

Stain Cleaner/Spot Remover

I read this on Pinterest and thought I would give it a try. It really works! I had several spots on carpet, upholstery and even my computer chair and tried them all this a.m.

Mix 1 part Dawn detergent to two parts hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and spray stained area. Let set for a couple of minutes and then rub gently with a damp cloth or cleaning brush to "stir" up stain. Let set maybe 8-10 minutes longer and clean with damp cloth or brush. For my spray bottle, I put 4 Tablespoons Dawn and 8 Tablespoons hydrogen peroxide and sprayed on areas. I got to cleaning so much, I had to mix up another batch. The lady said it worked wonders on men's shirt collars, too, however, I haven't tried that, yet. Oh, and she had a picture of her baby's bib with those milk stains on it, one before and one after and the stain was gone.

Callene Corkan
Feb 16, 2012

Depression Era.Haha,hope I am clear of it.Lol.

Good Morning All.
Sorry that was a corny joke,but true.I hope anyone battling depression is seeing the light thru the darkness.A new day has dawned and we are all here.I wish I had talked more to my Great Grandmother about The Great Depression.The biggest comment I remember her say,was it wasn't was a funny bird.Recession,Depression is it actually the same?Either way it is rough.The biggest thing Great Granny said was how they had their own hens for eggs.And some had cows for milk or goats.When I was little we had to use goat milk,it is really gross on corn flakes.Yuck!We had chickens for eggs too.We ate alot of eggs growing up.Great Granny said they swapped with neighbors alot,though.Milk for eggs and so on.Everyone have a great day or try to.Try hard,I am going to.

kathleen ralston
Jan 19, 2012

Old Recipes

Hi, This looks like an interesting group for me because I like old recipes and I am generally interested in all things thrifty. My parents were survivors of the depression and have told me many stories and passed down some of the recipes. Look forward to keeping in touch with you all.

virginia parrish
Jan 17, 2012

Does anyone know what gives cheese it's flavor,

Does anyone know what gives cheddar cheese its flavor? My cholesterol is 255, my bad is 195 & my good is only 47 so I cannot eat it anymore but I LOVE it. Please help me...

Donna Brown
Jan 12, 2012

Great, economical cleaning tip

Take a spray bottle, fill it about 1/8 full of rubbing alcohol, a drop or two of DAWN dish washing detergent and finish filling bottle with water. Shake to mix well. Spray on your countertops and watch them shine (especially granite). I also use it on my stove vent

Shelley Simpson
Jan 11, 2012

Acne Remedy from the Past

Dear Ann: (Ann Landers) Acne Remedy

I was going through my mother's recipe box and came across this remedy that was sent to Ann Landers back in the early 90's. I chose to share it with JAP because I am all for natural cures and remedies, and know that it is all provided for us in nature. The cost of remedies are way out of many ones price r ange. And to know that our elders had used such simple means with phenominal results is so worth mentioning! The Pharmaceuticals, sometimes I believe, are only out to make money off of the needy and to keep you coming back. So here is one remedy worth trying that the Pharmaceuticals will not profit.

Penny Hall
Nov 15, 2011

The Meaning of Thanksgiving

THANKS for what you have rather than what you may not have.

HEALTH you are blessed with, rather than the worry of ailments you may endure in the future.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS whether large or small, rather than failures you may regret.

NEEDS that have been met, rather than those wished for.

KNOWLEDGE to pass on to our children, so that good choices are made from lessons learned the hard way.

SERVICE to your community to soothe the souls of those less fortunate.

GIVING of yourself with no guilt or remorse for the gift given with a natural grace.

INSPIRATION shared with those beat down by lifes daily doses of pain and suffering.

VOICE for the better of humanity rather than scathing words of negativity.

INTEGRITY personified for your children to pass to their children.

NUTURING your relationships with your families and friends to insure love is known by them unconditionally.

GRACE of God shared daily in your home, and in the journey of each of us in our lives, that creates a world of Peace, Hope, and Love eternal.

~Penny Hall~