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This is a group where you can show your patriotism by sharing your favorite USA recipes. So come join us and show your pride in your state. Please look under the group Discussions to find the heading of each state. There you can post your STATE related recipes or find recipes for that state. ***

George Levinthal
May 27, 2016

BBQ Time in Santa Barbara

Good morning from Santa Barbara. Three days off and my BBQ and smoker are ready for work. Can't wait. I'm definitely going to be making my smoked baby-backed ribs this weekend. This recipe called for smoking but I've gotten similar results in by Weber and in the oven using the same times and temps. Always comes out great. Grab your favorite beverage(s), sit back and have a great BBQ weekend. Have fun and take a minute to remember why we have this long weekend.

Slow Smoked Baby Back Ribs in a Carolina Mop Sauce

George Levinthal
Feb 16, 2016

Santa Barbara Cuisine

Santa Barbara, like the rest of California is a melting pot for all cultures. ethnic groups and food styles, both gourmet and backyard family style. I love burgers, going a little lighter at times, and the deep rooted Hispanic food culture that's enjoyed throughout the state. I've put my spin on the classic burger, using ground turkey instead, and added the flavors and foods from south of the border. Just enough spice to give you a good kick with the smoothness of avocado to cool you down. Here's my Santa Barbara Southwest Turkey Burger. Santa Barbara Southwest Turkey Burger Ole'

Gail Welch
Oct 23, 2015

In the News!

Have you ran across anything in the news about your state that you would like to share with our group? It will be interesting to see what's making news in your state.

Gail Welch
Oct 23, 2015

State Fair Food

Is there a fair going on in your state? What foods do you find there?