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Artists that make soft dolls,NOT for play,these are "art dolls" some with beading,buttons,lace.They are stuffed dolls taken to the next level,a peice of ART!!Some hace Clay heads all are painted with various mediums and any artists looking for ideas

Patrice Vacca
Jan 25, 2015


have actually started to finish up some ufs, like from 3 yrs ago.... feels good,but half of me it feels wrong,like a death? anyone else have trouble finishing something cause it will be "over"? I know this does not make sense,but,am doing some of the quilted wall hangings no dolls as yet want to get some other stuff that is half sewed or cut out,so I can evulate what materials I have in stock,also making guinea pig stuff,no clothes lol just beds,saks,n pee pads!

Patrice Vacca
Jan 19, 2015

guinea pigs

hello been off here for a bit,years actually,recently got guinea pigs! been sewing for them snuggle bags,round beds like for cats but for the piggies,sewing machine is back in action!!

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Patrice Vacca
Jun 26, 2012


finially heard from the housing authority! and got an apartment in the senior housing! am so happy ,however all my crafting stuff is packed away! so have not created anything,all that is left is what I am using on a daily basis,the unpacking should be fun! ugh am so not looking forward to that.but the dgtr in law said she will be there the first week to help me with all that.have been surfing the net for stuff for the new place.the big move takes place july 3rd ! sooo I will c then,...sooo much craft stuff ,do not know when i will get the internet turned back on in the new place,am hopeing that it will be soo,but that remains to b seen :(
soo stress full moving is!

Patrice Vacca
May 7, 2012


I am pacing for a soon as I hear from the housing authority,.am not really been doing many crafts lately,hope to get back to it soon.but really enjoyed looking through all the craft pictures and great recipes!

Straws Kitchen
Apr 14, 2012

Check this out

Got another ETSY site off my Pioneer Woman Newsletter this's so sweet
I love giving homemade gifts....seems more personal.

Patrice Vacca
Apr 10, 2012

am back

sorry been busy,and did not think anyone was interested in this group so did not monitor it,just added "recipe" of a few of the dolls that have been in the making since last here.

Stormy Stewart
Feb 23, 2012

Please people post recipes of your crafts

Anyone can talk about a craft but we want to actually see what it is you are making and that way we can maybe make it also