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A place to sit and enjoy all things poochy. Herbal Remedies, Home-made Treats and Dog Food, Pictures, and poochy happenings and stories. Everything for the care and maintenance of man's friend "The Dog". It is a place to get info and shed light on our dogs behavior.

Melanie B
Oct 30, 2014


October 11 Stormy made this post:

Stormy Stewart

October 11 at 3:32pm ·

This will be my last update on myself and what is going on. From there on I want only happy thoughts to take over.

We have been fighting the medical system for a year now and had they done their jobs I would not be where I am now. I went into the hospital in Grayling on Friday for a ultrasound that I demanded because the ass of a Dr. that I have lost all my paper work. They took me over to the emergency. The emergency Dr. said if I had any of the new symptoms in the list to go to Traverse City because Grayling wasn't equipped to handle my severity. That comment didn't make me feel good. I went to the hospital in Traverse City they did more tests on Monday. The results all came back Thursday. End stage pancreatic cancer. One to Two months to live. An in-operable mass that has spread throughout my stomach cavity, no recourse. End game. Wish it was April fools, but it isn't!

This has hit my family quite hard, so please be kind to them all. Since I have stated everything I know there is no reason to ask for updates. I am sure someone will post after I have left. If you are family Call my sister Jackie or Eric if needed, but please, they both are under enough strain. Other than that FB really isn't the place for such posts unless to in list prayers of hope. In this case there is none. If you post anything to my time line please - no "Jesus saves" or "god" shit, No bible verses as I am not in the mood for fiction - In other words respect my religious beliefs. I pray and prayers are always welcome, especially toward my family They are having a hard time of it. Don't feel sorry for me I have lived many lives in this lifetime and will die surrounded in love and light.

Enough said, Blessings to all. Love Stormy.

Stormy has been on my mind, so I went on her facebook page. This was the post left by her husband:

Stormy passed on in her sleep early this morning. She went peacefully and had just experienced the first full day of peace and rest in many weeks. She seemed comfortable and free of pain. The last sound I heard from her sounded like laughter. The many forms of anxiety that come with this process had been lain to rest and I believe she was finally able to let go because of it. Thanks to everyone. Services will be quaint and for close family only. She will rest in the area her parents are, having made the journey back to northern Michigan in time to pass on where she had many childhood memories.

October 26 at 11:29am

Kim Biegacki
Sep 22, 2014

Today is the last day of summer and fall is now here....

A favorite time of year for me as I'm from the north and the leaves are changing and that cool crisp air is upon us. I just love fall and all it brings including the yummy flavors and scents that many of us love like apple pie, pumpkin flavored goodies and my favorite eggnog. What's your favorite flavor or food of the season?

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Stormy Stewart
Aug 16, 2014

A bit of wisdom having been through a diabetic loss

It is with great sadness that I write the following. My Raptor died a few days ago. We had to put her down because of renal failure due to acute diabetes. My vet wasn't very clear in what that meant until after her death. My heart goes out to anyone with animals because what I found during her last few months.

1st: if your animal shows signs of diabetes like frequent urination or urination while sleeping accompanied with extreme thirst or an increase in water intake. Your animal is a diabetic and diet will not help at this point. Your decisions are either to start shots and hope or make the decision to put them out of the pain of what will follow. Their liver and kidneys will fail and it is a slow very painful death. This was not conveyed tp me when it was going on with my dog.

2nd: Diet will help and even prevent this if you start now before any signs are there.

Diet is such a tricky thing. They can't take sugar. Not in any form. The sad part is it is everywhere. In most dog foods, almost all snacks and even in things you might give them a bit of while you are doing things like making a sandwich as it is in all lunch meat we eat and in jerky. Remember the food and drug administration are one unit. Food insures they sell drugs and drugs require food.

My best advice is read your labels all of them. Both canned and dry foods most likely will have sugar. If so put them back on the shelf and try another until there is no sugar, corn syrup, honey, or any other form of sugar in their ingredients. These are a few of the ones that are okay.

There are others also. If you know of any please include in the comments so others will have a choice. Also shoot for grain free because we all know what GMO's are doing to our bodies.

Stormy Stewart
Aug 13, 2014

I lost my baby Girl last night.

I posted this on facebook late yesterday after we came home from the vets.

The last weeks I have had dreams of the passing of my loving and trusted companion Raptor Lil-Lady. Although we both spoke different languages, she being a Siberian husky, we had long ago crossed over into an inter-knowing. Many days, not a word was said and yet, each felt the ties that instinctively conveyed as they washed away any fears the other might have. Where I went, she was following right behind me. If I was gone very long she would show signs of depression. It was the same for me. I was always worried about her when I was gone.

Today I had to put my best friend to rest. They called it “end stage renal failure” but they might as well of called it limbo, for that is where I have been ever since hearing those deafening words. Renal failure! I would rather they had taken my life than having to hear those words but what I wanted didn't matter. If it had, she would have been given a miracle drug and she would be chasing butterflies as we speak but, instead, I am crying and she is gone.

I saw her deteriorate throughout the day until finally she couldn't even hold down water. I held out hope because she was still urinating. When she couldn't keep from vomiting water, I knew there was nothing I could do. She would die unless I got her help. Help is what I went for. Help is what I wanted. What I got was a kick in the face. She was dieing and it was up to me how she went. Calmly or in great pain. I wanted time - only years I told myself -but there were only minutes to make the decision.

I couldn't see through my tears, nor could I catch my breath. My head was swimming through a sea of what ifs. Now there was no time left for what ifs, only that decision to take her life or watch her suffer. A painful death. Contemplating such a decision would take me years and yet my time was up, so I leaped, without a safety net into a large dark crevasse. You might say I took the cowards way out but I pray it was the right decision for her. I was there when she took her last breath, with my loving husband close by. They might not of always gotten along but in the end she welcomed his gentle touch as we both worried over her.

In the final moments of her ten year life, she was quiet and seemed at peace. When the shaved her arm, my whispers started in her ear. “I am so sorry. I love you. It will be alright.” They rang through her ears for the next few moments and until it was over. My final words were, “I am so sorry. You will be alright now.” She went hard. It wasn't a peaceful passing and my heart ached for her.

On the way home Eric tried so hard to comfort me and show me there was still a future, but I am ashamed to say I really do not remember a thing he said. Still he seemed comforted by my crying tapering off into sobs and finally into deep exhales that felt as if each were my last. The car ride had given me time to close off the world and shut down inside.

As I walked back in the house wanting nothing more than to see her face peer around the kitchen table, but she didn't. I walked into the den, where she would spend her time with me, and all that was left was the last of what she had thrown up as we were leaving to take her to the vet. Being the next thing to do, and all I could think was do the next thing so, I wiped up the mess as I broke out once again into a full fledged cry. Then I sprayed some rug cleaner and with each scrub, those cries came a deep exhales, reminding me of her dieing breaths. As I scrubbed in a now almost robotic motion, sobs filling the air. I swear I could see me from slightly above, watching, sharing the pain of loosing my little girl. At that second, I think I could of taken my last breath and let go happily, but I didn't. I must of made a decision because suddenly I was pushed back into my body as I scrubbed away,

To me, Raptor was the child that never left home. The old woman I could tell anything to, knowing my secrets were safe. My best friend and my biggest worry. She had filled my life every day for as long as I care to remember. We had always worried about each other, cared for each other and in her final hour I venture to say she was as worried about me as I was about her. Rest in peace Raptor Lil-Lady. She died at approximately 4:45 on the 12th day of August, in the year 2014. You will be missed.

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Pamela Rappaport
Aug 11, 2014

Do your pups graze?

I have 4 bichons and they love too graze. Too keep them from eating the lawn I planted an herb garden with things dogs are supposed to enjoy. Would you believe they all ignore the basil, flat leaf parsley, dill, and mint in favor of the cilantro I planted for us?? I expanded to 3 patches of cilantro and they eat it all to the ground. The only thing they like as well is the wheatgrass and oat grass I've been growing for them.

They have grown up eating Blue Buffalo kibble so it's not lack of nutrients. They just love greens!

What do your dogs like to graze on?

Only Home Cookin' for my dogs!

My husband and I have two Beagles, both rescues, from different circumstances and places, one male, one female, most of their medical history unknown. The male, more high-strung than the female, had an unfortunate habit of throwing up almost every time he drank water, and often after eating. The female had been very happily overfed and was 20 pounds overweight. In discussion with our vets, we chose to try feeding only home-cooked foods, specifically chicken and rice in a 1-cup-to-2-cups ratio. They receive only 1 cup total every day, but we spread it into three feedings so they don't chew our legs off. The vet also recommended up to 1 cup of green beans with each meal so they would feel fuller. I got a 10-pound bag of chicken thighs and legs, filled up my Crock-Pot, added some water, let it cook for 10 hours, cooled for a few so I could handle the meat, and then de-boned it. I saved the "juice" in half-cup containers, and the meat in 1-cup containers, which I put in the freezer. I cook up a batch of white rice (I have concerns about brown rice, but that's another rant), using 1/2 cup of the "juice" during cooking, then just mix 2 cups of rice and 1 of chicken meat. THE DOGS ARE THRILLED with their meals. Their coats are glossy and sleek. They are clear-eyed and energetic — almost too energetic (we're not youngsters). The female has lost 10 pounds in a year, and the male almost never barfs anymore. Don't know if it was a food allergy, food additives in the dog kibble (though we used premium brands, very expensive ones at that), or what — but I cannot recommend highly enough how wonderful this is. Fringe benefit: when I have to be gone for whatever reason, my husband often just "shares" their chicken and rice after adding a little pepper and garlic.

Cindy Smith Bryson
Jul 21, 2014

Gilbert, Arizona-Preventable tragedy!!!!!!

I am so incensed @ this I must vent!

If you have not heard: There are conflicting reports and on going investigation but this is what we know: 17-23 dogs died at a family run "home" kennel for dogs. The owners were out of town when one of the dogs chewed through a cord and the air conditioning went out. Pet owners report that it was out for @ least 2 days and the care takers left in charge did nothing. These dogs were all left together in an 8X8 room w/ no ventilation. When the owners returned they found the dogs bodies piled in a shed. The caretakers told the owners they had checked on the dogs @ 11:00 pm and all were fine. They them claim when they came in @ 5:30 am and the dogs were dead or dying. The coroner disputes this and says several of the dogs had already been dead for several days. When the owners returned they tried to cover it up by telling dog owners that their dog had run away.

How could this happen? There is no regulation of "doggy care and kennels" run out of a private home.

People who take $$ in exchange for caring for those that cannot care for themselves (children, animals, infirm, elderly) and do no provide that care are criminals and should be treated as such. The local sheriff was contacted previously about concerns from pet owners. He refused to even send a deputy out to this place in the country. Well, he is out there now, investigating the deaths of all these dogs. This was so tragically preventable!! No charges have been filed.
One of the owners said, "it was just an accident and now the pet owners are calling us dog killers". Got that right!

Stormy Stewart
Jun 24, 2014

a month or so back I shared a link about sugar in pet snacks

Well it took me two times at the store but I read every dog treat there and to my surprise every snack there had sugar, fructose, or some other form of sugar or diabetic sugar like saccharin except one. No wonder all these dogs are getting diabetes or cancer. Dogs are not suppose to have sugar at all and their sugar level should be no more than 80. My Raptor was 399 when she went in. I threw away every snack I had ever given her and also the dog food she had been eating. She is doing well on the "taste of the wild" and has stopped the continuous drinking she was doing before.

Now for the only treat that didn't have sugar.... milk brand dog bones original formula only.