Pizza, Pizza!!

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Between main dish pizzas and dessert pizzas,there are sooooo many recipes out there for pizza and this is the place to share them. We all have our favorite type of crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings so share yours with us.

Bob Cooney
May 8, 2014

Hi, I'm new to the group.....

I would love to come in and share what I have done for the fire service with Pizza.

Asking if I may join....

Fireman Bob :)

Carol Parkhurst
Dec 24, 2013


Posted 9:14 PM on Mon, Dec 23, 2013
Carol Parkhurst mscarole

7 Hours Ago

Straws Kitchen
Feb 18, 2013

New to this group

How did I not know we had a Pizza Pizza group???
It's been on here since June of 2011, boy am I slow!!!!
Glad Pat sent my pizza recipe for "Cin's Pepperoni 5-Cheese Pizza", over here or I'd never have known.....thanks Pat.

Check it out Cin's Pepperoni 5-Cheese Pizza

Lynn Socko
Jan 13, 2013

Low carb pizza

I found a recipe for a low carb pizza dough using soy flour. I plan to try it next Saturday and will let ya'll know how it turns out. I already make a low carb topping pizza, but this would be even better, health wise if it turns out good.
Lower-sodium Veggie Pizza

Dawn Whitted
Jan 12, 2013

Great group Love Pizza!

My son is in college and sends a text about twice a month asking if I have anything for him to take in his lunch. So I came up with these. They freeze great and go right into the microwave.

Freezer Pizza Sub Melts

Linda Seide
Nov 10, 2012

Fav Pizza Recipe

I love making pizza at home and have come across a few recipes I really like. This one, however, is my favorite, and from the comments I've already received, other people are enjoying it as well!
Grilled White Chicken Pizza with Carmelized Onions

Stormy Stewart
Apr 26, 2012

I love Pizza

I was washing dishes and as usual my hubby hadn't taken out the trash yet so I gathered it up and behind the trash can was the 4 pizza boxes from this week alone. OK So we are Pizza Junkies. Our secret ....right?