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Shorty's a Burger place

Eddie Jordan
Dec 11, 2014

Christmas Dinner

Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, green beans( out of this years garden of course) lemonade and a side salad. more pictures to follow.

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Eddie Jordan
Nov 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

I sure hope everybody has a BLESSED Thanksgiving. A chicken in the pot and bread in the oven. GOD BLESS all

Eddie Jordan
Jul 26, 2014

Can't be beat

A Polish Hamburger and a Mexican Chocolate Coffee Shake that's all you need for a perfect meal.

Eddie Jordan
Jul 24, 2014

good night

I hope everybody has a great and restful night. Talk to people tomorrow.

Eddie Jordan
Jul 9, 2014


Hi all members of Shorty's I would like to see how many verity's of shorty's we could come up with.

Delma Roach
Jan 18, 2012


I am new to justapinch and selected to join ur group! Would love to try out new recipes