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Dehydrators used to be the "IN" thing but no one really knew what to do this them besides make jerky. This is the place to renew your interest in dehydrating while feeding your family a healthy alternitive to the over processed foods we are all used to. So dust off those old drhydrators and lets get cooking

Deb Crane
Jul 19, 2014


So, my sister gave me a few POUNDS of garlic cloves! :0
I decided to dry most of it with my dehydrator.
2 days later, I have a mason jar full of garlic powder! :)
First I cut the cloves as thin as I could and dried them. 2 batches worth on my 4 tray dehydrator. It took a few days for 2 large batches.
I then have a grinder (one that grinds coffee but I use it only for herbs and food) and ground it into a powder.
Then, I put it though a fine mesh screen to rid the bigger pieces and stored the pure powder in a mason jar.
Fearing humidity, I taped a gel pack to the to of the lid of the mason jar, and I will see how that works.
I absolutely LOVE garlic, and it is a good thing! I think I still have some rouge powder in my hair tonight! lol
Beats the price of the store bought with who knows what additives in it!
Success :)

Stormy Stewart
Jun 3, 2014

Please Dehydrator only recipes in this group

It is a time consuming process to remove the others

Donna Graffagnino
Jun 3, 2014

Dehydrating Garden Veggies

I routinely dehydrate diced bell pepper, green onions, chives, sliced tomatoes, hot peppers, eggplant, but I've never dried squash, zucchini, okra, or other garden veggies. Has anyone ever dehydrated any of these and how do they come out when you re-hydrate them.