Gifts from a Jar

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Gifts from a jar, are recipes to create for gift giving for Christmas, birthdays, fund raisers, or to welcome a new neighbor to the neighborhood.

Penny Hall
Dec 29, 2015

more recipes for gifts in a jar website

Someone was asking about more gifts in a jar recipes, and I found this; from facebook. Enjoy!

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A R Caswell
Dec 9, 2015

Seriously Seeking Some Mixes

I need of new mix ideas. Have pretty much played out the 7, 10, 12, 15... bean soup gifts from a jar! :-)

Brandy Male
May 22, 2012

Cowboy Cookies

I made this pic for all my girls at work last year for Christmas. It was a huge hit and now I am going to half to top it this year...What do I do? the pink recipe labels were a hit. I made Susan G Komen Labels for a little more impact.

Michaela Blake
May 8, 2012

This Jam Sounds Amazing

Carrot Cake Jam
I know this kinda strange but I think it would be amazing with cream cheese on pancakes. I haven't tried this yet but I really want to try. If anyone tries this let me know how it turns out.

Ashley Ramsey
May 8, 2012

Fond memories involving Dad's Margarita Mix

My father and mother divorced many years ago. My father was a very busy man and took my brother and I out on special camping trips that would further cement our relationships. These camping trips were historical reenactments in the era of 1757. Imagine dressing up, living without electricity and in canvas tents with only a fire pit for cooking! Most of my fondest childhood memories came from camping with my father and his "clan" all over the midwest! I even met my husband there when I was just 13 years old.

I became too busy to go camping with my father once I started college... but met up with him and my brother 3 years ago at the Eastern Primitive Rendezvous in Troy, Ohio my junior year of college. I was of age to drink so my father and his friends allowed me to have some of this Margarita mix and sure enough my now husband showed up to partake with us around a campfire with good music.

I have since married Jebediah and still love to sip on this Margarita Mix. I pestered my father recently to give me this recipe and with his permission I posted it on JAP to share with you. Please enjoy responsibly and let me know what good stories you have afterwards!

Daddy's Crawling on the Floor Margarita Mix

Penney Goodwin
Mar 26, 2012

leftover cupcakes

I saw somewhere a trifle or something like that in a jar !It was crumbled cake.pudding and whip cream ?? Any help her??/ I cant find it.I must be putting in the wrong words in the search or,help !!

Bonnie Glazier
Feb 1, 2012

Valentine's Day

Are there any recipes for those small jelly jars, and ideas for Valentine's Day. We are having a "Jesus Loves Even Me" and a fellowship potluck at church. Looking for ideas to share with our small gathering.

Penny Hall
Nov 15, 2011

The Meaning of Thanksgiving

THANKS for what you have rather than what you may not have.

HEALTH you are blessed with, rather than the worry of ailments you may endure in the future.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS whether large or small, rather than failures you may regret.

NEEDS that have been met, rather than those wished for.

KNOWLEDGE to pass on to our children, so that good choices are made from lessons learned the hard way.

SERVICE to your community to soothe the souls of those less fortunate.

GIVING of yourself with no guilt or remorse for the gift given with a natural grace.

INSPIRATION shared with those beat down by lifes daily doses of pain and suffering.

VOICE for the better of humanity rather than scathing words of negativity.

INTEGRITY personified for your children to pass to their children.

NUTURING your relationships with your families and friends to insure love is known by them unconditionally.

GRACE of God shared daily in your home, and in the journey of each of us in our lives, that creates a world of Peace, Hope, and Love eternal.

~Penny Hall~