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I see a lot of awesome recipes on this site but I was looking for cooking and baking tips and can't find it. I would love to see a catagory for Tips.

Jan W
Aug 19, 2011

Uses for Microwave

I got these from the Internet...

Disinfect and Deodorize Sponges
Don't throw out the kitchen sponge that smells like last night's salmon. Soak it in water spiked with white vinegar or lemon juice, then heat it on high for 1 minute. (Use an oven mitt to remove it.) This will also disinfect any sponges you used to wipe up the juices from a raw chicken.

Cook an Entire Dinner in Under 10 Minutes
Not just the TV variety. We mean braised salmon with green beans and mashed potatoes. Use the microwave for any recipe that calls for braising, poaching, or steaming. Just subtract about ¾ of the cooking time. Remember to stir liquids often to redistribute the heat, and always take the food out a minute or two before it's completely done, since it will continue to cook.

Disinfect Plastic Cutting Boards
Wash the board well, rub it with the cut side of a lemon, then heat for 1 minute.

Soften Brown Sugar
Keep the sugar in its plastic packaging, add a few drops of water, and heat on medium for
10 to 20 seconds.

Decrystalize Honey
Honey that has solidified can be brought back to liquid life by uncovering the jar and heating on medium power for 30 seconds to
1 minute.

Baby Oil as Chrome Polish

Forget keeping skin soft, baby oil also polishes chrome. Apply a dab to a cotton cloth and use it to shine everything from faucets to hubcaps. You'll end up with shiny, happy surfaces from a medicine-cabinet staple. (Who actually owns chrome cleaner, anyway?)

Jul 20, 2011


yesterday I bought 3 whole chickens on sale,this is what I do.I cut them up in 8 pieces,2 wings,2 legs,2 breasts,2 thighs. I wrap the wings and thighs and freeze them. My family doesn't care for fried breasts,so some of the breasts, I remove the skin,de-bone them,pat them out, I'll grill them for sandwiches, some I 'll roast with the skin on,then remove the skin and use for tacos,enchiladas,salad,pies,etc. No one in the family cares for the legs so I boil the necks,gizzards,legs,and back and make chicken broth,I remove the meat from these pieces and save for salads,tacos,enchiladas,anything recipe where I need cooked chicken.
This way I get a lot of uses for the chicken,it's cheaper than buying parts. A butcher told me to ask them to cut up your whole chickens,he said not many people know they will do that for no additional charge!

Marlene Fields
Jul 20, 2011

More Centerpieces

I love stumbling into a new idea for centerpieces from a friend or magazine.

Whatever you decide, your centerpiece should compliment the color of your table linen. The use of mirror tiles, tea lights or metallic confetti, or even M & M's under/around the centerpiece always look nice.

Try pretty little gift bags with small potted plants inside. OR a tiered plate or pedestal dish of cupcakes. OR for flowers, use water pitchers or teapots or brandy snifters for vases, or a line of unmatched pretty tea cups with small blooms. Imagination is all it takes.

I once had an over-the-hill birthday party for someone and the centerpiece was made up of dead flowers and branches. I also gave him a large bouquet of spent flowers that a nursery saved for me...they were going to throw them out anyway, and I wrapped them in wrinkled tissue paper. We all had fun with that one.

Marlene Fields
Jul 20, 2011


I saw this idea in a women's magazine. I tried it and made a couple small ones. They're easy, inexpensive and pretty.

Use heads of leaf lettuce (red and/or green) placed in clear glass bowls. Add one or more large blooms from your garden (I used rhodi's). Or think BIG and place a few heads of lettuce in the bowl(s) and add more blooms of only one or two colors.

Marlene Fields
Jul 20, 2011


My husband and I enjoy a rotisserie chicken about once or twice a month. We aren't big eaters, so he usually has just half of the breast and I have a drumstick and thigh. The next day, I have the other drumstick and thigh, cold, for lunch. I the other half of the breast into small pieces and put in a container marked "soup pot". I do the same with left- over veggies, only that one is marked "veggies for soup". When both containers are full, I make soup! Nothing wasted.

Marlene Fields
Jul 20, 2011


Brown sugar, raisins, craisins and coconut will not harden if stored in the freezer and they thaw easily.

Potato chips, cookies, pretzels, caramel corn, etc. all stay fresh if placed in a plastic bag and stored in the freezer. No defrosting needed.

Fresh parsley, chives, and other herbs can be frozen in plastic bags. Don't defrost...just snip off whatever you need as you need it.

Cereal stays fresh in plastic bags in the freezer and no defrosting needed.

Over-ripe bananas can be frozen in their skins inside plastic bags for months. Skins will turn black, but fruit remains nice and can be defrosted to use in banana bread.

Real butter can be frozen indefinitely in its paper wrapper.

Egg whites can be frozen in small containers for use later in meringues or angel food cakes or frostings.

Left over wine (really?), coffee, and fruit juice can be frozen in ice cube trays for use later in cooking.

Grated cheese bought in bulk at Costco can be divided into 1 or 2 cup increments and frozen for later use.

Karla Everett
Jun 20, 2011

Tip site

This is a great site that deals with all kinds of tips for cooking , baking , gardening and all kinds of household tips and so many more different topics. Some of the tips are vintage ones that were used in the early 1900's and still work today. :-D

Jim Decker
Jun 19, 2011

Temp changes

Hi this is Jim again

Did you know that the health dept changed there cooking time on Pork.
It went from 165 derease to 145 degrease. Thats a big jump for the health dept.