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Searching for recipes we had years ago, or remember from childhood.

Kay Howard
Jul 23, 2018

Lost Cake

Hi, I am looking for a cake recipe that my husband had as a child
the recipe I think was from the 70s that came in a box set with recipe cards that you collected and the one we want is missing
it was a coffee cake ( or maybe a chocolate cake with coffee icing) in the shape of porcupine/echidna
and I would love to make it for his 40th Birthday
many thanks

Nancy Eckmyre
Aug 24, 2016

double layer pumpkin pie

I am looking for a recipe for a double layer pumpkin pie that uses "cook and serve " pudding NOT instant. I have had the recipe for years(and I mean years, lots of them) and have now lost it. I can find recipes that use the instant pudding but we tried that and do not like the texture of that one. This recipe that I am looking for was in all the ladies magazines at the time, as an advertisement for the puddings, but has now been replaced with the instant one.Any help would be appreciated. Hoping to find the recipe before the Thanksgiving holiday. Thanx :-)

Dena Holland
Aug 10, 2016

Looking for specific pumpkin pie recipe pls

Hello everyone.

I had removed a label off of a Townhouse Brand which was a generic of Safeway stores pumpkin puree years ago 30 plus that had the best pumpkin pie recipe and a previous caregiver to my handicapped daughter took it without permission. :( I can't seem to find it anywhere on Google and Safeway in Canada doesn't have town house brands anymore. Can anyone help? Condensed milk not the thick sweetened one pumpkin puree eggs sugar cinnamon cloves ginger..that's all I can remember. I used to get such raves on it and Costco pumpkin pie filling tastes pretty close. Thank you Dena

Any Easter dish traditions you want to share?

Many of the reviews are not by those that have prepared a dish. They are often complimenting the look such as "sounds good". Let's make this about items we have prepared for years or those that we enjoyed for years and we need to recover them.

Victoria Howard
Oct 6, 2014

Sour Cream and Cream Cheese Coffee cakes.

I am searching every where for these 2 recipes!My Mom made them...both in 8x8" square pans, with a yeast bread crust, and one topped with cinnamon, the other with nutmeg.

Both were whitish in color...so good and I can't find them anywhere!!

Probably form the 1920's or 1930's.

Can anyone help?

Bob Cooney
Mar 14, 2014

i would love to come in and share.... ..

May I come in????

Fireman Bob : ))))))

Straws Kitchen
Dec 31, 2013

Sharing a Beautiful Cake


I wanted to share this web page.....I love all the instruction they give us, you should see how it is decorated.


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