"Spookly" Fun Halloween Goodies

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what can I say I love halloween, I think more than my kids actually do. So I decided to start a group dedicated to the goodies.

How Many?

How many of you are taking your kids or grandkids out trick and treating? Or how many adults are going to dress up and go to parties etc? What will the kids be dressed as? How about the adults? Just thought it'd be fun to c the many different ideas.

Ashley Dawkins
May 24, 2011

CrAzY Professor

I personally like any of my parties to have a theme. Once I had did the idea of the CrAzY Professor and his lab and patients. I used old pickle jars, tomato jars, anything clear w/ a lid, and I stuffed them w/ indgredients from the fridge and water. The "specimens" were totally disgusting! (Especially since it was one way I would clean out my fridge...) If you label each jar and on a piece of paper you write down what each jar contains, you can turn it into a guessing game where the person w/ the most right wins a prize.
Ex:) I had old pizza, so I put it in the jar w/ water and labeled it "Patient #1-Brains" and on the paper I write down the Patient # and what I really put in the jar.
It's fun and different, and you can buy cute little prizes at any local dollar store, like Halloween glow sticks or a Halloween make-up kit.



Halloween Recipe Ideas

Creepy Ants on a Log

Prosciutto on Toast (Flayed Flesh on Toast Halloween)

Think these would work great for the group, but I don't how to add the group link to the recipe. Any help?

Thank You, Annamaria

Ashley Dawkins
May 21, 2011

Franken-Brain Game

A game that my mom always did for us was take a box and decorate it to look like Frankenstein. Then she would cut a whole in the back and we would reach our hands in and try to find coins in 30 seconds. The catch is, she would fill the head w/ cold wet spaghetti, olives, beans, and other things w/ textures, and it would be slime-tastic like you were touching Franken-Brains. (Just make sure to line the inside of the box w/ plastic bags or something, so that the cardboad box doesn't soak through.)

Ashley Dawkins
May 21, 2011

Ghost Sticks

It gets pretty cold here in R.I. around Halloween time, so we usually have a fire pit going. I usually grab a long roasting stick, put on 3 large marshmallows, and then draw ghost faces on the marshmallows and let the kids roast them.
It's cute for the younger kids.

Debbie Hardy
May 21, 2011

halloween goodies

I will go through my recipies as I have alot of them for halloween. We always did parties when my girls were little. Now I make stuff for my 4 grandchildren the youngest is almost 2. the oldest being 10. So it is alot of fun.

Ashley Dawkins
May 21, 2011


I love, love, love Halloween! Can't wait to catch some good ideas...
We throw a party for my nephew every year, and last year I helped an elementary school put on a haunted trail. It was awesome! Can't wait to see some great things!!