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The variety of recipes being included come from many cultures, not just Portuguese and American, so I have made a change in the group name to reflect these. There are many countries represented here. I welcome all to share their family favorites and any background information to go with the recipes. Join us!

Beth M.
24 Hours Ago

Summertime and the pace is hectic!

We've enjoyed some hot weather, a rainy day yesterday and now some cooler days, with six more weeks until Labor Day. There's still plenty of time for swimming, boating and having fun outside. I'm thinking of those in areas where there is a warning of flooding! I hope you'll all be safe.

Beth M.
Jul 4, 2017

Happy Fourth of July America!

We're having a perfect start to this morning, it's sunny and clear and warm. God Bless America!

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Beth M.
Jun 22, 2017

I hope all those friends on JAP who live in the South are safe during the Tropical Storm Cindy!

I'm checking in to find out what is happening in those states, and I saw there was flooding and some tornado damage. One of our friends lives in Louisiana so I went to the radar map for that area. Flooding seems to be a problem in many states today.

Beth M.
Jun 12, 2017

Good morning everyone! It's going to be warm here at last!

We had a beautiful weekend, with a gentle breeze so we did not get hot but it was just right in the seventies. Please let us know what's new or interesting where you are in June. Seems like a good day for a lobster roll, where I'm working part-time they are very popular!

Beth M.
Jun 9, 2017

Spring is here and Summer is coming along with more bikers, visitors and heavy traffic

We've had a few changes in our health, but we've had good care and we continue to do well. Walking and bike riding are things we did more often, but without a bike path or sidewalk near us, it's less appealing now that we're older. It's about a mile and a quarter to the little village and I sometimes walk there, but traffic is faster in the Summer and there's more of it. I walk off the paved road on the grassy edge, which is not always level, and I always step off whenever there's an oncoming car as the road is narrow. I notice it's not as pleasant walking this year, just looking down and up to be careful of where I step on the uneven ground. Lots of people walk on the paved road and don't even get off when there's oncoming traffic; and we locals complain about that every Summer. There are tour buses, heavy trucks, motorcycles, mopeds, bikers and cars, all sharing the single lane with no extra wide space for passing. I can feel the rush of air as each vehicle passes.
Yesterday we saw a man talking on a cell phone while biking, holding onto one side of the handlebar, in the middle of an intersection, with a young girl riding next to him. They turned a corner and then crossed the road without signaling and road side by side on two lanes around a corner. A car was slowly rolling behind them when they changed direction and went left. It's usually a busy intersection in the Summer. I'm hoping they learn the rules of the road!
Would you get out of the way if you were walking or biking in a place you were visiting or vacationing?

Beth M.
May 28, 2017

Thank You to all U.S. Veterans and their families.

Thankful for those who served and gave their lives for our freedom, and Thank You to all men and women serving our country today!

Carol Junkins
May 23, 2017

Here's hoping too

My daughter and I found a spot with tons of wild growing blueberries on top of a hill ! I picked alot last year and hoping I can do the same this year ! We had alot of rain in this area I hope it will be enough.
This is how many I got last year !

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Beth M.
May 22, 2017

Yesterday I planted a blueberry bush given to me for Mother's Day.

It was a gift from my son. We live in a wooded area, and it is tough digging and finding a good location that is sunny for a bush. However, I have one area near the driveway where there is soil that I had delivered years ago, and it was easier than I thought it would be to dig. Hopefully, we'll have enough rain and it will thrive there. We have one "high blue" which I let the birds enjoy; but I hope this cultivated blueberry bush will provide us with some to enjoy. It was a workout digging and planting it yesterday!