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Nothing like watching NASCAR, eating good food, and drinking a few beers!!!

jessica schneider
Mar 9, 2012

mmmm sunday

I think that sundays are my favorite days of the week! This week i am going to attempt a new treat, Hot Bacon Dip...I will post and take pics!
maybe i will pair that with juicy bacon cheese burgers....

Terrie Hoelscher
Mar 7, 2012

Our season starts again...

We're heading out to GA early tomorrow morning. Steve's racing season begins this weekend, with the season/tour opener at South Georgia Motorsports Park in Cecil, GA. I'll be doing the National Anthem for the season opener on Saturday morning. He races Sat. & Sun.
Then, Steve has a business meeting in Sebring, Florida, on Tues/Wed the following week. So, we're not even gonna come back home 'til after his business meeting. Makes no sense to come back to WV after the race and get home at o-dark-hundred on Sunday night/Monday wee-hours-morning, only for him to turn around and fly back down there on Monday afternoon. :o/
Also, I have stuff I need to tend to on my house in SE Georgia ... hoping to get it listed and QUICKLY SOLD and get out from underneath the mortgage payment. So I'll take care of that in GA, while he's at his business meeting in FL. We'll meet up somewhere... we usually find one another, somehow, in all our travels. ha! We are, truly, like two ships passing in the night sometimes. :o/
I'm also looking forward to a much-needed visit w/ my sister who lives there in GA (a ½-mile from the house I'm selling), as well as her precious daughter, my niece. Miss them both terribly!
Keep us in your prayers for traveling mercies; we'll be all over the southeastern map next week, it seems.
Wish us luck .... he's working on a championship season this year .... and moving up to a different racing class. So lots of changes and exciting times! Wooo-hoooooooooo!!

Brandy Male
Feb 5, 2012

Good Morning Girls

What could be better than a day of football. Isn't it funny how the game brings us to the tv,however the commercials are what keeps us...lolo

Linda Dresser
Feb 3, 2012

Daytona 500

Where is everyone watching the Great American Race and what will you be eating?

Terrie Hoelscher
Aug 26, 2011

Goin' for #7!!

We're on our way to Lincoln, NE, right now! We have the van packed, and the race car in-tow, as we head to the SCCA Solo National Championships (Auto Crossing). Steve's working on his 7th National Championship ... wish him luck!
I don't drive (race) ... I just go for moral support. It's a fun, full week of getting together with friends from all over the country, racing, going out to dinner, hangin' out at the track, etc. Lots of fun. Check it out at www.scca.com, to see what the Solo Nationals are all about, and find out more about auto-cross racing.
I looked up on JAP who our Lincoln, NE members are ... did not see a single name in the list that I knew. Must not be real active members. :o/

I'll stay in touch during the week, via my new laptop which I brought with me ... and keep you up to date on how the event is going! :o)

Aurora McBee
Jun 10, 2011

This weekend....

Did anybody watch the Prelude?

We've had inches of rain here this week and most of the area is well above flood stage. Tomorrow we're scheduled to run 4 of the 6 classes and the sprint cars are also supposed to be here. The track promoter is holding out and hasn't cancelled yet, but the pit areas are swamps! I drove up there last night to have a peek, and it isn't pretty. It's supposed to be sunny and warm today and tomorrow, with only 30% chances of rain both days, so we'll see.

What's everybody else doing this weekend?

Nancy Thomas
Jun 6, 2011

racing again

Well Folks, Looks like we're racing again. The Hubs finally got another car, (besides the one sittin in the yard without a motor) & it should be all ready to go this weekend. So all my racin buddies wish us luck on the dirt track Saturday nite!

Aurora McBee
Jun 6, 2011

Winning Weekend!

Congrats to Steve Hoelscher for his win on Saturday!

My husband Sean also took first in his class on Saturday night. :) In lap 8 of the main event Sean and two other drivers were three wide in turn 4. The other two spun out and wrecked, and Sean was sent to the back for the restart. Then he moved up 12 places in 4 laps for the win! The pits were a little tense after the main, especially since we pitted next to one of the wrecked cars. But as they say, "If it's not rubbin', it's not racin'!". :)