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There is only one food item that I eat every day and it is dill pickles! I love, love, LOVE them.
Dill pickles, sour pickles, half sours, horseradish dill/sweet pickles, bread and butter pickles and any kind of pickle that you can think of would be great to share recipes with each other. Let's discuss pickles and eat pickles and share our love of pickles and see what we come up with. I hope to find some people who love pickles as I do!

Please share with the group your pickle recipes.
Recipes such as tartar sauce, potato & egg salad, deviled eggs and any other recipe that has pickles in it.

National Pickle Day is NOVEMBER 14 and National Pickle Week takes place in May starting on the 20th for this year 2015! ---- YEAH!

Leah Stacey
Jun 29, 2018

Sonic Pickle Slush

Have y'all tried the new pickle juice slush at sonic yet? I got one today at happy hour and it is good. I wouldn't get a large but it was interesting to taste. My son drank his up real fast.

Jean Fisher
Sep 8, 2016

Made Bread and Butter Pickles

Made some delicious pickles. Now have to patiently wait to taste.

Kim Biegacki
Dec 3, 2015

Hello pickle lovers.....how is everyone doing?

What are you looking forward to during the holidays in three words or less?

Jean Fisher
Aug 20, 2015

Made Dill pickles and Bread & Butter Pickles

Made about 3 jars of each several weeks ago. Could hardly wait to start sampling. Yummy!! I Love Pickles!!

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Tammy Brownlow
Jul 27, 2015

Pickle Relish

I made a lot of this relish while my cucumbers were going strong - we really like it. It's great in potato salad, deviled eggs, and of course great on hot dogs. I'll be making this again next year.

Sweet Pickle Relish

Patti Jones
Jul 27, 2015

Pickle Relish

When my youngest son Andrew, now 26, started kindergarten, I was LOST! He got on the bus, I cried and decided I needed something to do. He followed my son Christopher now 32 and Ryan now 29 to school, so my feeling of being needed was out the window. I decided to make pickle relish. I went to our local you pick farm. I picked a bushel of Kirby Cucumbers. I found a recipe for Sweet Pickle Relish. Got out my processor and went from there! I ended up with 12 - 2 pint jars of relish. Then the next day, I bought a water melon. I cut it up, took out the flesh and proceeded to cut up the rind. I made a brine and started a batch of Pickled Watermelon Rind. That is a three day process. I ended up with 12 pints of that. Bought, cleaned and chopped green peppers, made Green Pepper Jelly. Then i picked green beans out of my garden, you got it, Pickled Dilly Beans...then jellies made with cranberry juices, cranapple, cranraspberry, then we all picked apples on the weekend, 24 quart jars of homemade applesauce, well you get the picture I'm sure. That may have been my lonliest September, but definitely was a productive one, LOL! That year for Christmas, everyone got a gift basket of my "canning out of loneliness" items. All was appreciated and enjoyed and we all enjoyed the canned goods. The only bad thing is, that sweet pickle relish was soooooooo good, but I can't find the recipe!! I want to make some again this summer. If you have a good pickle relish recipe to share, please do. Enjoy the summer's wonderful bounty!