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Melanie B
Nov 11, 2014


I just shared a cheese ball that has bacon for garnish. Can you please remove it?

rayna maxey
Apr 12, 2014


I was looking at the groups recipes and noticed no one use's tofu. If this is a vegetarian group then where is the tofu? I want to learn how to use it and not just in stuffed bell peppers. Any idea's?

Kelli Haines
Feb 4, 2014

Vegetarian? smh

I leave and come back to this site over and over, hoping it will improve. I am amazed at the dizzying number of people who believe recipes that include bacon, chicken and seafood are vegetarian friendly. If I want to alter recipes, I will just get out one of the many cook books I have from the first 39 years of my life.

Teresa Jacobson
Apr 19, 2013

JAP's Veggie Recipe Contest

Surely we have some great recipes to enter in this contest!! I entered my Loaded Veggie Pasta Sauce- slow cooker and my Teresa's Broccoli Salad.
What are you going to enter? Here's the link for the contest.

Laura Michaela Banse
May 30, 2011

Meatless Mondays

While I have no plans to become a "full-time" vegetarian, I love the idea of Meatless Mondays.

What are some ideas to get us started on this journey?

Teresa Jacobson
May 7, 2011

SOOOO Glad for this group!

My husband and I have decided to "go vegan" after years of being carnivores. So I need recipes!! We've decide to try lacto ovo vegan first. I have 2 teenage boys who aren't exactly keen on the idea. My husbands biggest worry is he won't feel full enough so any advice or suggestions would be very helpful!!

Belinda Mickelson
May 6, 2011


Always looking for good vegetarian recipes. Can"t wait to see what we come up with.

pam quinn
May 5, 2011

vegetarian and vegan

what good stuff is out there ?