Low Carb Cooking

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I am carb sensitive. Desperately looking for side dishes,stews, and casseroles that are either carb free or low carb. I am sick of eating protein and eggs! HELP

Low carb salsa w/chips

This is a very low carb snack.
24hr Pickled Salsa w/Dill Chips
Cant wait to try the salsa over my fish and chicken.
Has so much flavor if thrown over nice green salad wouldnt need any dressing.

New group member

Hello everyone! I just joined, sorry to say I have joined a few low carb low cal groups that were not very active. I like to interact with my groups. And although I may cook and bake not so low cal, I normally for myself like to eat healthy low carb. Need new recipes and tips.

Linda Jay
Jan 23, 2012

Come on Team!!

Hey,where is everybody??!!ANYBODY still doing LOW CARB??I sure hope so!!We have this forum to encourage one another,and,it's a shame that we're NOT doing it!!SURELY,there's STILL some out there who are STILL trying to eat Low Carb!!
I started doing Low Carb back around the end of October,1st. of November of 2011 and I'm down 50 lbs.!!I LOVE eating Low Carb,and,keep finding NEW and VARIED WAYS to make things that I USED to love to eat,and, make them Low Carb.
There are SO many wonderful sites on the Internet that deal with Low Carb and give us recipes,suggestions,and SUPPORT ,that I'm finding it MUCH easier to continue it!!
Had a wonderful 'conversation' with 'Chris' on another Low Carb site on here,and,she just made my day!!Sent me RECIPES SUGGESTIONS,just SO MUCH encouragement(Thanks, again,Chris)!!You're a 'darling'!!!

Laura Sands
May 5, 2011

Low Carb Cooking

Everyone that is carb sensitive knows that protein, eggs, and most veggies are ok to eat. I have not run into a good casserole, stew, or side dish!! I am tired of the same old vegetable dishes. All of us need variety!!! I know there are a lot of people like me. Lets share some good recipes so we can be successful.