Table Talk

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a group to share stories had around the dinner table, it can be funny, sad, thought provoking, whatever as long as it happened while a fork was in hand! (not necessarily at dinner)

Leah Stacey
May 4, 2011

Lost in Translation

Tonight at dinner I served My cumin porks chops and grilled Zucchini and squash. My 5 year old daughter ask me what human pork chops were made from and then later asked me if I ate my grilled bikinis when I was a kid. LOL My kids seriously crack me up with the things they say everyday!

Leslie Little
May 4, 2011

Good mornin Ya'll!!!

After having so much rain, the good Lord has blessed us with a sunny day here in Atlanta, Tx.

Tracy Hunter
May 2, 2011

funny childhood conversations

so ladies, do we have any humorous stories from your childhood that happened around the table? story telling is one of the oldest art forms known to man so lets make someones day with a funny story from around the table!

Tracy Hunter
Apr 30, 2011

funny girls

today at breakfast my 3yr old, Mary-Claire says to her 8yr old sister, Anna: "why u being nice to me? Anna: cause i love you! Mary-Claire: weally?? Anna: yes, your my sister, and sisters love each other. Mary-Claire: and are we frwiends too--sisters AND frwiends??

I love kids, they are sooo fun!