Sunday School Sensations

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I teach 5th graders and am always on the lookout for great, fun and meaningful snack/easy recipes for us to incorporate with our Bible to either create together in the classroom or those that are brought in to go well with the lesson of the week.
Please share the fun recipes you use to make Sunday School YUMMY and meaningful.

Leah O'Connell
Apr 28, 2011

I teach the entire book of Genesis by the end of the year: creation, Noah, patriarchs, ......

I'm always on the lookout for fun recipes or snack ideas to use. My kids are 11 and so recipes that are a bit more involved are OK....or fun ones that I can do at home and just bring in as a treat that tie into the lesson are OK too!
The kids LOVE when I bake and so I like to do it a few times each quarter for them.
Holiday recipes are also needed!