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This is just a group designed for healthy eating options. It is a place where I can 'store' my healthy recipes and share them as well. Protein powder is my favorite ingredient but all ideas are welcome! Enjoy!

Linda Stevens
Dec 9, 2012

Former WW leader to create a "diet friendly" cookbook

Hi ladies! I just found this group and joined. I am a former WW leader that loves to cook and eat healthy. I'm married to a man who doesn't eat healthy LOL and therefore I find my recipes to be quite diverse! The first cookbook that I just recently publilshed is called "Maw Maw's Recipe Mix" and was created for my grandchildren. Be warned - most of the recipes included in it ARE NOT HEALTHY or low calorie but family favorites.

I have begun two new cookbooks though and hope to have them finished sometime this next year. I love to bake and so one is called "Bittygirl's Baked Bites" and the other will be "Bittygirl's Diet Friendly Meal Ideas".

As a WW leader for 4 years, one of the things I was known for was the weekly recipes I shared with my members. Although I cannot share WW copywrited recipes in this new book I am creating, I will be sharing a lot of healthy "meal ideas" that are quick and simple. I am also a big Hungry Girl fan and so if you are looking for any of her recipes, you should be able to find them on her website. I subscribe to her newsletter also.

I am still an active e-tools subscriber and so sharing the Points Plus value of a recipe (if it has the nutritional info and serving size is not difficult to do. As a lifetime member who lost 55 pounds and has maintained it for over 5 years I am glad to help in your weight loss endeavors anyway that I can.

I look forward to getting to know some of you and share some yummy recipes.

Penny Mayfield
Apr 27, 2011

Hello Ppl

I will be adding recipes I have gotten from my weight lose program that I have tried and know they are good. If there is something u r interested in let me know and I will see if I have it or can get a recipe that is healthy.