High Altitude Cooking

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I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico at 5,000 feet. It's been a challenge living here since I've never lived in a desert or on top of a mesa. Cooking times are different up here and your recipes will reflect this change. I invite others to come join my site and share their recipes with other people who live at high altitudes and share your knowledge of your success and failures in your cooking. I'm sure we can all learn something here :)

Peg Mason
Nov 14, 2011

High Altitude Biscuits - recipe wanted

I live in Westminster, CO (5300 feet) and I haven't found a good homemade biscuit recipe for my altitude. For those of you that live around 5000 feet; any good biscuit recipes?

Jo Zimny
Apr 25, 2011

Cooking at 5,000 feet

I live in Albuquerque and find that I have to adjust the temperatures when I make recipes. This can be quite tricky sometimes. If you have any recipes with instructions for sea level and high altitude changes please share them with us so those of us who also live way up here in the clouds can try your recipes.