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My dad was just in ICU and due to his health conditions he has to saty on a very low sodium diet. I thought I would start a group to devote to low sodium recipes. This isnt an area i am well versed in but i am sure there are others out there that must follow a low sodium diet so maybe i can find some great things to cook for him : )

Bobbie Brines
May 23, 2015

Low sodium meal struggles

Hi everyone.....I am still on the search for good tasting low sodium recipes and I found one out of desperation last night. I have the cook book 500 Low Sodium recipes by Dick Logue, it has turned into my "cookbook bible". I had spend 2 days trying to make the recipes he has in there for bread without salt....dismal failure both times...I had lost a bit of confidence in my "go to" cookbook but was tired, a little depressed over my lack of success and had 3 bone in pork chops I had bought at the meat market for a more than usual price because it is the only place I can find pork meat that is not "ENHANCED with flavor" All that means is they injected salt water in the meat after it was butchered!! ANYWAY.... I found the easiest no salt recipe for pork chops in this cookbook....I browned the chops, sprinkled some pepper and ground ginger on the chops, added 1/4 cup orange juice, put the lid on and let it cook a little longer than called for cause my chops were pretty thick and my husband and son LOVED it and so did I.

The reason I am sharing this is so that those of you going thru the same dilemma I am will share some of your success stories....the food markets are not interested in helping the low sodium dieter, they are too focused on gluten free and low fat...which is a good thing but it sure makes it harder and more expensive for us that need low sodium as well.

There is my rant for today...hope all of you are having good luck on your search!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!!!

Frances Livingston
Feb 4, 2015

Please, I need help with taking the salt out of my food and have it still taste ediable.

Hello Everyone.

I am new to this group and I have come to you for your thoughts and recommendations for making great tasting food with out salt. I have a lung disease that has caused me to go into congestive heart failure. My sodium intake is limited to 1500 mgs. I have cut out the salted foods, processed foods and I try to make every thing from scratch. I have used Mrs. Dash and salt free seasonings. I have been doing my recipes with out adding any salt. And we definitely do not add salt at the table. My problem is that most of the time I thoroughly dislike the meal that I have prepared.
I am hoping that some of you experienced cooks might help me with where to find the answers or have suggestions yourself that might help save my palate. I think that I will die of boredom with roast chicken and fresh vegetables as this seems to be the best way that I have found to get around no salt.
Thank you for all your assistance in advance. I look forward to hearing from you.

Cathy Fisher
Oct 17, 2014

Need a recipe for fish on dialysis

Good morning everyone.
I was just inquiring to see if anyone can suggest a good recipe for Talipa for dinner tonight. I'm not at a total loss for cooking it, I just thought since you all are so helpful & most of all kind, it would be a pleasure to hear who has the best idea for someone that lives on disability & not going to go to the grocery store today.
I have about all spices & the only thing I cannot have or do not have is: Milk, Sour Cream or any green vegies. I do have Carrots, a few celery stalks & instant mashed potatoes, both chicken & beef broth & cream of chicken soup. This is just an idea of what I have on hand. I will check back later.
I want to take this time to thank anybody to whom suggest any ideas for me.
Have a great day.

Cathy Fisher
Sep 26, 2014

Unemployed on Dialysis

I need a recipe to make that will hold me over until I get paid on the 10/3/14. Here is what I have on hand:
1. Box of Spagetti
2. Spagetti Sauce
3. Spices
4. Frozen Cauliflower
5. low sodium beef broth
6. no salt can mushrooms
7. small can of tomato sauce
Sorry, but this is all I have at this time or at all before I get my Disability Check & would like some ideas of what I might be able to throw together with the above items. I know it isn't much, but I need someone's assistance please.
Thanks Cathy Fisher

Hi from Georgia :)

Hi everyone,
I am semi new to low to no salt diet. My husband was diagnose with Primary Bilary Cirrhosis last October and they put him on a 1500 mg a day of salt intake. I am at loss with how and where to find good food without all of the salt contents and now he had all of his teeth removed and he can't eat like he use to.. I would love some info as to where to go.
Melissa :)

Valeree Dunbar
Jan 17, 2014

watch your iodine

If you are going to cut salt completely from your diet you may want to take an iodine supplement which is something we all need in our bodies.
Sea salt does have trace amounts of iodine, but it's not a good source of it. Iodine is also added to some table salts during processing, and occurs naturally in many foods. The recommended daily allowance for iodine is 150 micrograms and while most people easily meet or surpass this amount, individuals living in areas where this essential nutrient is lacking in soil and food may benefit from the iodine in sea salt.

In some parts of the world, iodine deficiency is due to a lack of this important mineral in soil. This deficiency leads to goiter, which is characterized by an enlarged thyroid gland. To avoid such conditions, experts recommend that individuals with low iodine levels take an iodine supplement, increase their intake of iodine-rich foods and use the iodine in iodized salt or sea salt as a food seasoning.

Valeree Dunbar
Jan 17, 2014

Sea Salt vs. Table Salt

In case you're wondering, here is an article about the difference between sea salt and table salt.