Victorian Tea Time

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For all you tea lovers out there! This is your one stop spot for all your tea party ideas.

Straws Kitchen
Jan 17, 2012

Have a cup of hot National Hot Tea Month

January is National Hot Tea Month. Research shows that drinking green tea can be good for you, but if you aren't crazy about plain green tea, try Celestial Seasonings Antioxidant Max Green Teas. They're flavored with fruit and stevia!

Linda Yerman
Jan 14, 2012

Love teas

I am a tea lover and love to try all different flavors and even love just plain black or orange pekoe tea, hot or cold, with or without creamer, My favorite is "Constant Comment" by Bigelow Teas. I also love anything Victorian. Their archetecture, decor,and the feminine touch design. So I thought it would be fun and fitting to join this group.Would be nice to incorporate photos of Victorian homes, tea tables all decorated with the flowered table cloths, china, tea sets,and tips on serving a tea party... is that possible? Can't wait to get involved and make new friends with similar interests.Looking forward to all you share. Linda.

Shelia Senghas
Nov 2, 2011

Tea with grandma

Just the name alone brings back the memories of childhood so long a go and tea time with grandma. I am happy to join this group. I am new to the entire site and though I have joined other groups, I know, I will have fun here. My goodness Cindy, girl you have got some amazing recipe's and post going on.

Maria Arkle
Sep 25, 2011

My fave!

I am one big tea lover. Love all sorts of tea. I even love cold tea. But so far my favorite tea is now British style tea. Thanks to my British husband and his making "a proper cup of tea" for me. I am in love with it.
Have any of you ever tried it? It is so warm and comforting. I can see why the Brits love tea time.

Straws Kitchen
Jun 22, 2011

Nana & the Granddaughter making Memories...Tea Time

I started a tradition with my granddaughters as soon as they were old enough to sit at a little table and drink from a cut.

First I gave each of them a Tea Set in a 'lil wicker basket and we'd sit together and have a tea party (when I get to go visit them, none live here).

When they got old enough to help bake in the kitchen, we'd bake tea biscuits (cookies) together and have with our tea. Which made for a fun tea party.

I have 6-Grandgirls now and 1-more on the way. I love it when we can go get them, in the summer while they are out on school vacations, and bring them home with us and we can had daily tea parties...we make cookies, cupcakes, cakes and mini-pies to eat with tea.

My love of tea and tea parties was started back when I was a little girl growing up.

One of my favorite memories was when my Mother or one of my 2-Grandmothers would have a daily tea party with me out on the front porch of our old farm house in the country.

Do you have 'Tea Time Memories'...if so, please share them with the rest of us.

Laura Huffman
Jun 1, 2011

Tea Basket Gift Ideas...

Tea pot, tea cups/saucers

Teas, sugar cubes, tea ball

Small pretty spoons, Place mats, napkins

Tea party plates, small knives for spreading

Tea biscuits, butter cookies, lemon curd

Note cards, doilies, paper doilies

Scented jar candles, rose bud vase.

Freda Hitt
Apr 19, 2011


I love scones and was wondering if anyone has a recipe for savory scones . :)