Free Item Rebates from Brand Name Food Products You Buy

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Over the years I have seen many free giveaway rebates from Name Brand products.

I thought it would be good to start a group when one knows of rebates they get from food products we buy.

Kitchen Crew
Oct 16, 2012

Just A Pinch Giveaways

Hi All - We thought this group might be interested in some giveaways going on through the Just A Pinch Groups!

Pork Be inspired offers: Le Creuset Stoneware Baker ($50 value)!

Vinturi Wine Aerator Pinterest Giveaway: Red Wine Aerator (win one of five at a $40 each!!)

Visit the group page here - can't wait to see what kinds of recipes you submit!!

Sher Gentry
Sep 8, 2011

Buying & Selling Coupons

Hi Everyone. Did anyone see the news on ABC Thursday night 9-8-11? If you didn't I will try to remember if you did please correct my info if needed. One, I should have known but never thought about buying mfg. coupons through E-Bay. It must be a booming business because the news reported the following info:
1. stores are complaining about so many coupons being used by a single person
2. They have informed a regulatory agency (I don't remember which one) which in turn contacted E-Bay and asked them to ban the buying and selling of mfg coupons.
3. If you read a coupon's fine print it states that you can not buy, sell, transfer etc.
4. E-Bay declines to stop the buying or selling of coupons as long as they are not breaking any laws but they are not and will not be monitoring the sites to enforce the laws.
That is the most I can remember. I remember the days when we had refunding conventions and bought, sold and swapped refunds and coupons. In my opinion the store that are complaining should be boycotted because the only thing they are concerned about is their bottom line. Someone please tell me what is wrong with going to the store spending $500 to $600 for groceries and spending $0.0 for it. They get the price of the item plus money for accepting the coupon! I ask you, Where is their complaint? Please let me know your thoughts and pass this info on to others that coupon and refund. Mad in Texas... Sher

Debbie Womack
Apr 16, 2011

Kellogg's Rebate for Free Reusable Bags

I received this notice in my email for a Kellogg's Free Reusable Bag when you include 2 UPC codes from any Kellogg's cereal boxes. You only pay a low shipping cost of $1.75.

The PDF link to print out the rebate is: