I Love Pampered Chef!!! ;)

I Love Pampered Chef!!! ;)

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When I'am cooking in the kitchen,
I'm learning all the while --
To pour and measure, mix and stir
And sift flour into a pile.

I Scrub my hands before I start
Then gather up the gear --
Like pots'n pans and measuring cups
That I'll use throughout the year.

Go over the recipe, step-by-step,
So I'll know just what to do.
By carefully following the directions,
It won't be hard for me or you.

Have a hot pad handy
And an friend standing by --
So I wont' hurt myself
When using the stove or baking a pie.

Besides the fun and learning,
There's always cleaning up to do,
And even though it's quite a chore,
It's part of cooking too.

But after all the work is done,
It will soon be time for dinner.
And when someone asks for seconds,
I'll know I've cooked a winner!

Oysters a la Donna

Please vote for my Oysters a la Donna that is entered in the JAP Food For Love Recipe Contest. Don't forget to vote EVERY DAY! Send me a link to your entry and I'll vote for you, too! Mine is Original. Thanks!!!

Bob Cooney
Jan 23, 2014

Can a Fireman be a " Pampered " Chef ???

" Pampered " I am not... at least not yet....

Is " Pampered chef " just for You Ladies???? or can a Fireman become one???

( Serious Question too !!! )

Fireman Bob :)

Leesa Adamson
Jan 17, 2013

recipie for asian chicken salad

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share the pampered chef Asian Chicken Salad recipe. I went to a party and they served it, very yummy, I ordered the asian spices that they put in it and now I cannot find the recipe in any of my pampered chef cookbooks.
Thank you

Melissa Baldan
Jan 13, 2013

Vegan Show...

Hi all. I have a party coming in Feb for a Vegan host. Any recipes you can share would be great.

Nov 22, 2011

Welcome Newbie

So glad that you guys love PC as much as i do.:)

Michelle Brown
Nov 7, 2011

Host Specials

Boy are the host specials are great coming up in January, I can't wait to look through this place to find some AWESOME recipes for my shows! Any appetizer ideas are VERY helpful. I'm new here and with PC

Sep 23, 2011

The New Book Is Here...

Sorry I've been MIA, lot has happen in business and at home..You all know how that
happens..lol There's so much, New potato crisper,Bamboo...Naturally, Stoneware in Taupe, New Kitchen Must Haves, Storage Companions and much more...You also love the Candy Thermometer just in time for the Holidays...

Email me for more info.. Until Discover the Chef in You..:)