Mock lemon pie, depression era

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My grandmother used to make what she called mock lemon pie with leftover biscuits, using either lemon juice or vinegar to milk and then mixed with flour, sugar, not sure on eggs and then poured over the biscuits. It was delicious. Have you ever heard of anything like that? Maybe it was her own invention.
Any ideas would be appreciated:)

Missy Hines
Feb 25, 2012

mock buttermilk

Adding vinegar to milk and letting it sit for a bit will give you a buttermilk substitute. I'll do this trick now just because I don't want to buy a full container of buttermilk for one recipe.
I learned such thinks from my grandpa too (who was a cook in the Navy during WWII) and my dad, who taught me how to cook.
I'm looking forward to sharing some of their great recipes and money/time saving tricks.