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I was looking around at all the different groups and thought I could just join them all, oh my... I love all types of food from all around the world, from the hot dog stand on the street corner to steak al la oscar. I love baking, I like to bake from scratch, to doctoring up a cake mix from a box. So I just thought I would start this group with all the other cook's and baker's out there just like me.. I LOVE IT ALL!

Cindy Smith Bryson
Jun 12, 2014

Techno OR Not?

Please go to "newest groups" and check out group as titled above. Sorry kids, I know we already have a lot of groups but this one is born of necessity!
Thank you!

Donna Graffagnino
Feb 6, 2014

Oysters a la Donna

Please vote for my Oysters a la Donna that is entered in the JAP Food For Love Recipe Contest. Don't forget to vote EVERY DAY! Send me a link to your entry and I'll vote for you, too! Mine is Original. Thanks!!!

Donna Graffagnino
Jan 10, 2014

New Group!

Please Join the new group Traditional Foods and Customs We Grew Up With

Neela rufus
Mar 6, 2013

Bunny shaped bread rolls for Easter :)

I like to share my bunny shaped sweet rolls with my fellow members.

Sweet Bunny Bread Rolls

Ashley Burnam
Oct 9, 2012

Hey runners and people aspiring to be more fit!

I created a group for us! It's starting small but as it grows I bet it will be full of perfect pre race meals, post race photos, diet tips with success and failure stories and of course, questions and answers about running, being fit, and cooking!
The link will take you to the group :)

Careema Bell
Sep 27, 2012



Shawn A Reed
Jan 17, 2012

Good Evening

Hello all I hope all is well with you and your's. My day "as most of them anymore" was crazy.... I don't understand how people "work" can ask more of you when you don't even have enough time to do what you need to already do???? I give up!! Anywho, I didn't have to cook tonight we ordered out Pizza and Hot wings!!!! I love Hot Wings!! so my day ended on a good note :)

I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day. ~Vincent Van Gogh

Shawn A Reed
Jan 15, 2012

Evening all

I know I have been off JAP for awhile, not that I haven't been on checking up dates and some of you recipe post but life has just been a little.... well you know "LIFE happens". With everything getting back on track I should have more time to get on and chat a bit more:)

I hope you all had a Great Holiday Season and a Blessed New Year!!!