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Welcome to the Group " Well Seasoned Cooks " This is a group for those who enjoy cooking & Baking and sharing every evening what you fixed for dinner for your family , Sharing all your secret Recipes.I do all my dinner post on Face Book......Spread some joy :-)

David Kuhlmann
Feb 1, 2015

Hello and let's Cook!

Hi all I'm Dave,

I'm originally from New Orleans and grew up cooking with my grandmother since age 6 or so. I've learned from several great Cajun/Creole and... Southern Chefs. I also have been a chef on oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.

I'm most known for my Cajun/Creole dishes like Shrimp Creole, Shrimp & Crawfish Etouffee, Gumbo's, soups and other seafood dishes. Love to grill great steaks and BBQ ribs.

I'll be putting my recipes here over the next few weeks. I hope you enjoy them as much as mys family, friends and I do!

Please check out my kitchen here for some wonderful Cajun/Creole dishes. I posted a few today and will be doing a few everyday this week. I'll update pictures for each as I cook them again. justapinch.com/me/David_Kuhlmann

Bon Appetite!

Cindi Bauer
Nov 29, 2014

Turkey and Cranberry Sandwich... "YUM"

I've never had a turkey and cranberry sandwich, not until 5 years ago, and after I came across this recipe, which was posted by Emily Mathews at food.com. The turkey and cranberry sauce goes so well together, plus the bacon, mayo, and provolone cheese, brings this sandwich over the top. I love this sandwich, and hope others will give it a try!

Turkey Cranberry Sandwich

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glendine miller
Oct 14, 2014


Where can I find a recipe for the sourdough starter?

Nancy Tirello
Sep 27, 2011

Boston Kitchen recipes from 60.s

I moved from the Boston area and lost my Gus Saunders Boston Kitchen cook books. I would love it if anyone has any of his recipes. He had a radio show and people would call in and request certain recipes and offer their best recipes. Great show and he also wrote for the Boston Globe. I have been looking for almost a year now.

Muna Escobar
Aug 19, 2011

New Group

I though it would be neat to start a group where we can gather and share recipes that call for whole grains. Adding more whole grains to our diet is so important. I use freshly ground flour and I know there has to be more out there that do too or have the desire to. Please join us and share some of your best whole grain recipes.

It is called Whole Grains

sheila blare
Apr 8, 2011

Donut Glaze

I'm looking for a good donut glaze, the kind of glaze you would see on a fresh baked yeast donut, so please post any ideas .....Thanks so much...:-)