Reflux Friendly Recipes

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As a person that battles with G.E.R.D (Acid Reflux) I suffer often with heartburn. I know serval people that enjoys food and making it but can not enjoy the food they make at times. So instead of fighting the heartburn and pain that goes along with it , I decide to erase it all together. Cook like i like just change it up and add the foods that I can eat. I will learn to make my cake and eat it too.. If you have any family or friends that have this problem and like to get or post RELFUX Friendly Recipes. I will not change my recipes all together just remix them.. Hope you join and have fun.. Happy cooking..

Valeree Dunbar
Jul 2, 2013

Newbie with Gerd

Hi there,
I just found this group and am so relieved to know I am not alone. I just found out that I have Gerd and am hoping to find some good tips on what I should and shouldn't eat and the best things to relieve the symptoms.

Melissa Vance
Aug 17, 2012

coconut oil

i have reflux with an ulcer...the best thing i have found to heal and help with the acid is coconut oil it helped better than the meds for over a year. it doesnt cure it but does help. u take 1 Tablespoons 3x a day.

Sep 4, 2011


What meds are you taking to help with your reflux?
Does over the counter meds work better for you? I have been taking Nexnum but had to stop because my insurance doesn't offer it any more. My Dr has given me something else but not working to well. Let me know what you think i should go with..Thanks

Jun 27, 2011

Welcome Newbies..

So glad that you join, the more the merrier..

Love to try your recipes.♥ I am so happy that we have 60 recipes.. As a Reflux, Gout and Diabetes patient, find food to eat that fix all problems is really had.. Be I know that we can enjoy food as long as we take the time to put it together to help us feel better... Just remember we " Eat to live not Live to Eat" ..(sometimes)lol

Diane Milligan
Jun 26, 2011

New member - Hubby has GERD

Hi ... my husband has a terrible time with his reflux and refuses to go to the doctor for help. He's taking OTC meds nearly every day. I could use some recipes to help - for now - until I can convince him to see his doctor. Thanks so much! :)

Apr 14, 2011

Prayer for Brenda

Wishing you a speedying recovery, and praying that all will be well.:)

Brenda Smith
Apr 11, 2011

Hello :)

I'm here i just found this thread it's nice to know there is others that suffers with this too. so glad to be here