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I thought with the warm weather coming up, everyone might like one place to go to find their favorite jello dishes...desserts, salads, etc.

Marie Andrews
Mar 14, 2014

Flavored Rice Krispies

Just a tip: You can make any flavor rice krispies you want by adding a small packet of Jell-o to them when you're mixing them into the melted marshmallow.

I wonder if it would work with a small packet of instant pudding mix too. . . .

Barbara Thompson
Feb 21, 2014

Jello popsicle

I make jello popsicle in the summer, I can't keep them made fast enough. My husband loves the ones made of peach jello and mango Kool-Aid drink mix.
Popsicle 1 pk Jell-O any flavor
1 pk Kool-Aid drink mix
any flavor
1 cup sugar
2 cups hot water
2 cups cold water
Mix all ingredients with the hot water. Mix well, stirring about 2 minutes. Add cold water and stir. Pour into molds for popsicles.
Freeze until frozen solid,
May also use sugar free Jell-O and drink mix.

Jul 13, 2011

Where Debi?

Missing you Debi, Where are ya..:(

Debi Hisel
May 16, 2011

A Brief History of Jello

Colleen Sowa posted this in the thread of one of her great jello recipes...thought everyone in this group would like to read it. Thanks Colleen!

In 1845, industrialist, inventor, and philanthropist Peter Cooper, of Tom Thumb engine and Cooper Union fame, obtained the first patent for a gelatin dessert. Coopernever promoted the product.

In 1895, Pearl B. Wait, a cough syrup manufacturer from Le Roy, New York who dealt in patent medicines, bought the patent from Peter Cooper and turned Cooper's gelatin dessert into a prepackaged commercial product. His wife, May David Wait, renamed the dessert "Jell-O." However, they were also unsuccessful in selling the product.

Frank Woodward, a school dropout and, who by the age of 20 had his own business, bought the rights to Jell-O for $450. Among the products Woodward marketed were several patent medicines, Raccoon Corn Plasters, and a roasted coffee substitute called Grain-O. Sales were still slow, so Woodward offered to sell the rights to Jell-O® to his plant superintendent for $35. However, before the final sale, intensive advertising paid off. By 1906, sales reached $1 million. By sending out nattily dressed salesmen to demonstrate Jell-O and distributing 15 million copies of a Jell-O recipe book containing celebrity favorites, popularity rose. Woodward’s Genesee Pure Food Company was renamed Jell-O Company in 1923, and later merged with Postum Cereal to become the General Foods Corporation

New Jeans....

I had to go buy a new pair of jeans. My one one was getting faded, riped, and lose on me. I was so socked when I when into the fitting room to try on the first 1. It was to "BIG", and I had to go look for a smaller size. My old pair was a size 12, and my new one is 2 sizes smaller. I was so very socked & very happy....

Colleen McCurry
Apr 26, 2011

One of my favorites!

Hi everyone. Just thought I would share one of my all time favorite jello recipes. It is similar to the Hawaiian Jello, but with its own unique twists. Enjoy! 7 Layer Jello

Deneece Gursky
Apr 18, 2011

new group please join us

hi all
in light of my dads recent diagnosis and low sodium diet i started a new group. i would sure love for ya all to join me and hopefully get a great variety of low sodium foods for those who are on this diet and want to continue to eat good foods! i will be posting recipes as i make them. this is all new to me and i am looking forward to anything ya all can add to the group!!