For The Love Of Whoopie Pies

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I love whoopie pies of all kinds but my favorites are pumpkin and red velvet. I started this group because i thought how many of us don't like a good whoopie pie once in a while? or go to a store that sells them? well here we can share our favorite recipes for whoopie pies with each other.

Lori Shamonsky
Oct 14, 2012

Wrapping Whoopie Pies for storage

My mom made whoopie pies for years when my 2 brothers and I were young and lived in PA. When I got married, she made my oldest son a batch for him to take to his kindergarten class in 1990. My mom always wraps the cooled assembled whoopie pies in wax paper. I have done the same when I make her recipe. They freeze well wrapped in the wax paper also!

M Lally
Nov 14, 2011

Whoopie Pies - Cake or Cookie?

Would you consider a Whoopie Pie a Cake or a Cookie? I'd like to enter some into a cookie swap contest but I'm not so sure they are actually "cookies" ???

Karla Everett
Aug 1, 2011

Whoopie Pies Made With Boxed Cake Mix

An easy recipe for Whoopie Pies and you can change the flavor of the pie by using any flavor cake mix you want.

Karen Farmer
Aug 1, 2011

Strawberry Whoopies !

I am in ! Made Whoopies with Strawberry cake mix and the creme filling that was used on the carrot cake whoopies. I rolled the Whoopies in, what I call, pecan meal. That is the bag of pecans that are ground really fine.... I thought they were really pretty and oh wow the taste!

Karen Farmer
Aug 1, 2011

cake mix?

Are there different recipes for different cake mixes? Do you follow the cake mix recipe? I have a strawberry cake mix that I want to try but am I am going to make a cream cheese filling like was shown for the carrot Whoopies.

tiffani ross
May 5, 2011


ok here you go everyone i finally got one of the recipes posted. its called fluffer nutter whoopie pie. i still don't get where the marshmallow creme comes in but i add mine to the peanut butter icing when i make it. i will check my recipe again and find out. i will be posting more whoopie pie recipes then.

tiffani ross
Apr 21, 2011

so sorry

hello everyone i am so sorry i haven't got the recipes posted yet for the whoopie pies you requested. we had bad storms here in Pa, and the computer lost most of my things i had saved. i will get them posted on here within the next couple days and thank you all for being so patient.

Sandi S
Apr 12, 2011

How long do they last

How long would you say they last (before going stale)? Do they need to be refrigerated?