For Beginner Cooks

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My Son who is 29 has learned from his grandmother and myself how to cook, however my daughters ages 22, and 20 were never interested in the art of cooking until they moved away from home. Now I spend hours on the phone with them walking them step by step even on the basics of boiling noodles.

This would also be a great group for new brides or grooms.

Brenda masters
Oct 5, 2012

country cook:

I'm the old fashion country cook,,and I would love to make some new and exciting things,but every time I try a new recipe it turns out awful,and I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
I get everything measured out one by one and add it as it says to but it doesn't come out right. now I can throw things in together anyway and its so good, I don't want to do that I want to be able to make new things with new recipes.
Help I need it

Jill Cooks
Jan 21, 2012

symbol trick

I'd love to share this great little trick with everyone that you may not know. Instead of writing out the word degrees, just press the ALT button and 167 and the symbol will appear.
How neat is that!!!!!!!!!

Earnestine Strahan
Jan 20, 2012

New to group

Hi My name is Earnestine and I live in Shreveport, La. I love to cook, and especially bake. I have started baking with yeast, it still gives me a thrill everytime that it rises. I wanted a bread machine for Christmas, but I have been making some very tasty rolls, so I guess the family won't be getting me one. Looking forward to being in the group.

lisa donley
Jan 20, 2012

determined to learn AND have fun

hi i'm joining to learn to cook so i can make my new husband a very happy man :-) willing to take all advice i can and thanks again to the members of tried and true :0)

Karla Everett
Apr 3, 2011

Some good recipes to start off cooking !

Hi Dwana , good Idea for a group ! When you first start off cooking it can be very intimitating . I added some of my recipes here but I have too many to go post all the easy ones but its a start.LOL

Dwana Townsend
Apr 3, 2011

Help for Beginners

I am from Southern Louisiana, A CAJUN COOK. Cooking has always played a strong role in our culture, but it's dying slowly due to outside interests of our younger population (internet, I pads, I Phones) as well as prepared frozen foods or fast food hamburgers, etc.

The younger generation has lost interest in cooking in general. But most importantly the cooking of their heritage. For those who are new to cooking this is a great opportunity for us to share family recipes as well has Beginner type recipes.