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A variety of cookie recipes, if you have a cookie recipe share it here!

Sea Sun
Dec 18, 2015

Chocolate Crinkles Fail


I am making Chocolate Crinkles for the first time ever and not having success. I let the dough chill overnight. The dough is crumbly and dry and the cookies never flattened from a ball shape, though they did crack a bit. They are dry tasting and not chewy or soft at all.

I added water to see if it would help bind the ingredients but that didn't help. I then tried more oil and tried flattening them into small disks before putting them on the sheet to bake. They are just awful. Hard as a rock, dry...

I am afraid I will have to toss the dough. Anyone have any ideas of how I can salvage it?

Pat Duran
Dec 3, 2015

cookie contest

Merry Christmas Frosted Snowballs
I have been trying to enter these cookies in the cookie contest- but contest says not listed ...what?

Christina Aplin
Aug 18, 2015

hi new to the group...need help

I'm looking for a recipe for a cookie either short bread or sugar cookie and a icing that I can use that will harden cause I'm making them for my wedding as favours. I am going to beputting the in clear goodie bags with ribbons.....can anyone help or suggest something that will stand up to being moved to the location without breaking or anything. Thank you in advance......Christy