Strange Recipes . . .

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When my sister came for my wedding in February, she brought with her 3 boxes of handwritten and copied recipes. We went through them on enight and chose our favorites. But my brother came across a few that were "just strange" and he wondered what we should do with them. I said "I have the answer" and told him about Just A and that I would post them here. So here we are!

Please feel free to post any recipes that you consider "strange" (meaning - no one in their right mind would want to make these recipes) type of thing.

Enjoy the strangeness!

Debi Hisel
Apr 6, 2011

new group

HI All! I thought with warm weather coming up,
it would be great to have a place to share
all of those cool, refreshing, jello recipes, please
come on overand join in the conversation,
browse, and share your recipes! We'd love to have you!

Michelle Wren
Apr 5, 2011

"Mock Chicken?"

Years ago my parents made appatizer called Mock Chicken. I can't find the Exact recipe. I remember it has cut-up and cubed pieces of different meat like: Lamb, Pork Chops (I think?) and 2 other meats. But I don't think Chicken! Weird, I know. LOL You then put the cut up meat on wodden skewers and coat in egg and cracker meal. Does anyone know of this recipe????? My mom passed 3 yrs ago and my dad is 77 and does not remember, he has been very ill for 2 yrs now. Thank you, Michelle-

Kimi Gaines
Mar 31, 2011

Ammonia Cookies

will have to get the husbands grandma made them. I've never tasted them, but I will find the recipe.