Favorite Kitchen DoDads

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I thought I would start a group where we could talk about our favorite kitchen dodads. These can be anything from your favorite set of measuring spoons to your brand new hoo ah hoo ah programmable crock pot to whatever makes you just smile while cooking or baking in the kitchen.

Rachelle Williams
Apr 11, 2016

Kitchen Strainers

Do they still make handled Kitchen strainers that have a metal ring/rim on them?? I have a set of three that have metal rims around the screening type material, and they are 20+ yrs old and need replaced! I bought one with plastic, it lasted about 4 months and it cracked, rendering it useless! I need kind of the fine mesh for straining, if anybody knows where I can get some, I would REALLY appreciate it!

Lori Spaidal
Apr 9, 2016

Rice Cooker

I make horrible rice, I've even burnt a pot or two! I'd like to buy a rice cooker, which would be the best one to buy? Thank you

Jane Whittaker
Apr 9, 2015

This is one of the handiest and smartest dodad that I ever bought,

Holds the bag open, really heavy stuff would topple it, but for most jobs it works wonderful.
The legs swing down and it folds flat and I use this a few times every day. Wished I had thought of this and patented it.

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Marcia Emmitt
Apr 6, 2015

Microhearth Grill Pan and 1.5 Quart Pan

I would like to use my Microhearth products more--I like what I have cooked in them so far but can't find a good source for more recipes. Have any of you used these products and found any good recipes you'd be willing to share?

Lori Spaidal
Jan 11, 2015


My favorite is my pegboard covered pantry walls. I have a large open pantry with a window and my husband hung all new pegboard for me to hang up my kitchen utensils. Much easier to find the one I need at a glance.

Nora M
Sep 17, 2013

Need a crock pot,

Need a new one any suggestions?

Nancy Irwin
Mar 18, 2013

food processor

I would really like to purchase a food processor but with so many on the market I am confused and overwhelmed as I do research online. I live alone so I don't need a huge one. I will be using it to chop, slice, shred,etc...to prepare food for the freezer and family meals when I have company. I am on a very tight budget so have been looking at some of the less expensive models. Can anyone give me input as to what would be the best and most efficient model for me to consider purchasing? Any comments will be most appreciated!
nancy :)

susan simons
Mar 11, 2013

cuisinart 5 and 1 griddler

My sweet hubby bought me one today, I've been wanting one for a long time and my hubby won some money this weekend and bought it for me.. I can't wait to start trying it out. Dones anyone have any good recipes using one?