calling all that need special diets

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my hubby is on several meds and they cause him bad heartburn he is on meds for that too... doc wants diet changes on very tight budget already to we make more chamges less acid foods[tomatoes,many fruits] less fat[most meats] need easy bland menues....

Catherine Ferensic
Dec 9, 2016

diet & am part of group

hi I haven't been on site(internet) for awhile I guess i'm looking for advice,where do I start? i'm in need of a diet-I need help with/low salt,i have high cholesterol,high blood pressure,gasteritis,have had issues with diabetes,need to lose weight also have lumbar spine(back problems) and may have planter fascitus in my feet also have had kidney stones in past looking for help with getting back on track with so many issues I feel like I don't know where to start so many diets etc. in groups I feel I don't know where to choose to join with so many different ones need to choose-not sure if there is any others or if I should just create on these matters,lol would like to hear,chat, about all issues recipes etc...

Peg Hicks
Apr 3, 2013

Lost weight fast

I lost 17 lbs. in 1 month on a gluten free, egg free, dairy free, meat free diet. And I wasn't hungry! But running out of recipes so I need some help. Feeling so much better everything is clearing up for me.

kathy kolacz
Feb 28, 2013

Newbie Here

I have about the same situation as some of the ppl in here. Triple by pass on heart, acid reflux, diabetes, surgery on carotid artery. Must I go on. A bunch of nasty health conditions. I'm on the look out for new healthy type of recipes. I would love it if anyone out there could share something. I'll be doing the same. mother_sequel

Jennifer Bright
Feb 25, 2013

Multi-symptom diets

My fiance' has diabetes, 2 strokes, 2 mild heart attacks, triple bypass, gall stones, renal failure, on dialysis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and congestive heart failure; he's only 51 years old. So he is supossed to go by about 5 or 6 different diets that seem to cancel each other out. Any help I can get on what to feed him, please let me know. Everything he likes is now off limits, and I can't keep feeding him cheese omelets and pancakes, lol.

Dawn Cochrane
Feb 18, 2012

I Have Severe Esophagus Problems - Can't Swallow

When I was expecting my second child I began to have problems eating raw fruits and vegetables. I was also being awakened almost every night with chest pain and experiencing awful heartburn in the daytime. That was in 1974. The chest pain was esophageal spasms, the heartburn was reflux, the dysphagia the result of achalasia. I had experimental surgery in 1977 to cut the muscles of half of my esophagus (a long myotomy) in an effort to stop the increasingly debilitating spasms. Yet, here it is 2012, I am 60 years old and I cannot eat solid food at all. Strangely, I can eat soda crackers with butter - go figure?!
I can offer you tips and recipes learned "the hard way" over the past 37 years to help you get adequate nutrition with some "flavour".
I am very new to JAP, I only registered an hour or so ago,so I have much to learn about posting & sharing recipes and so on. I pray that this will be the beginning of something mutually beneficial.

Apr 2, 2011



Thanks for having a group like this, i Have reflux and gout along with HBP and Diebetes. It is so hard to find food that work with all i have, but i am on a mission with you to find dishes we can eat with out tomotes base but still have that tomato taste.. I have s group called Spices and Seasonings that might help your husband also.. hope to see you there to check out some good things..

Diane Eldridge
Mar 24, 2011


what do ya eat when ya cn't eat tomato based anything???