Easy Recipes for Caregivers

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Hello all, my name is Ellie and my husband Danny is a liver transplant recipient. I also have health problems. Being a caregiver sometimes becomes over-whelming. Easy, nutritious, recipes with simple ingredients everyone has around. I know I am asking a lot, but any help would be appreciated. Thanks to everyone that participates....

Cindy Yurtin
Mar 31, 2016

Wow, nice to see this group here!

I too am a caregiver for my husband who has ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). He is almost totally paralyzed now, and so I am his hands all day long, for everything! So as you can imagine, there is very little time to cook; I will be perusing these recipes closely. Also, his swallowing muscles are getting weaker, so if there are any recipes here for that type of thing, I will probably try them.
Great to be a part of the group! I look forward to chatting with you :)

A R Caswell
Jul 25, 2013

Looking For "Easy For Caregivers" recipes

My father was just yesterday diagnosed with Stage III Colon cancer, and 13 abdominal lymph nodes are affected. Tomorrow will be the PET scan to determine if any organs are affected. We already know he will start Chemotherapy in 4 weeks, just not sure to what degree and what drugs. So that is 4 weeks to get his weight back up, cure his anemia, and as healthy as possible to wage wear against this beast known as the Big C. Healthy recipes that are easy for caregivers to prepare would be GREATLY appreciated. One thing he does have going for him is, he has always been "A Good Eater" and could do serious damage to plate of fried liver and onions!

Milinda L. Cobb
Apr 29, 2013



Caron Valentine
Mar 15, 2013

Hi! Nice to meet yall!

I love this site and was thrilled to find this group. I have a grown daughter, paralyzed from the neck down. I referred her boyfriend to this site..hope to see him pop in. A caregiver has to take care of themselves first. I found it so easy to sit down and eat every time Rosie ate. It was one of her few joys in the beginning of this journey...so eat we did. And I got fat!!!!!!!!!! Then I quit eating..(no better a choice), and lived off sugar free red bull and payday bars. I finally found a happy medium in smoothies, Bolthouse drinks, frozen spinach indian burritos...and when I did have time to cook for me...I try to eat fish..seems to satisfy without weighing me down.
Anyone else have tips for caregivers to care for themselves?

Rev. Kaye Fox
Oct 15, 2012


I am so excited to find this group. I am in the early stages of Alzheimer's and I have always loved to cook.

When it comes to a point that I will not be able to cook this group becomes a "double header." I twill enable my wife (caregiver) to use also. Good Cooking to All, Pastor Kaye

Bonnie Glazier
Oct 5, 2012

New to group

Hello everyone. I'm so glad I found this group! My sisters and I care for our dad who is 91 years old. We share meal preparations and driving him to apts., shopping, etc. He has a great palet for taste and we are always looking for healthly, tasteful, some sweet tooth recipes. I look forward to the fellowship of this site and some great recipes!

Linda Stevens
Aug 31, 2012

Suggestions for pureed flavorful food

I get Meals on Wheels for my 91 yr. old bedfast mother in law 5 days a week. Those meals usually consist of a meat, and two vegetables. She has difficulty swallowing and so I have to use my food processor to puree all of her food. We've done fairly well for over a year now, but I'm running out of ideas. Does anyone else have this situation and how do you handle it?

For breakfast, she usually eats Gerber oatmeal, instant grits or pureed scrambled egg, sausage & cheese.

Her Meal on Wheels is her lunch

For supper, I usually bake her a sweet potato or fix her some soup.

Russ Myers
Aug 7, 2012

Delicious make ahead meals

I have several meal recipes which can be made from a few basic ingredients. An example is posted below. With the Ground Meat Mix (which is frozen) you can then make all the other meal recipes. Saves time, money, and does not sacrafice flavor. My son's caregiver really enjoyies the convience provided. If interested I can start downloading them to this site.

Basic Ingredient: Ground Meat Mix

Stuffed Peppers
Meal In A Bowl Soup
Meat And Mac Skillet
Hearty Wheat Master Mix
Corn Burger Wheels
Hamburger Pie
Stir Fried Beef With Vegetables
Double Decker Tostado Lunch
Quick Cheese Burger Chowder
Hot Mexican Beef Bake
Oriental Skillet
Quick Spanish Hamburger Soup
Texas Beef Skillet
South Of The Border Salad
Cheesy Beef Rice Bake
Parmesan Beef And Pasta Bake
Herbed Beef Casserole