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There are so many Soups and Chili's. You could have a diffrernt one every time you had lunch or dinner. And a different chili any where you go from state to state.
Most of the Soup recipes in this group come from Helen's Pantry. Helen worked for OSU food and nutrition program. She taught people how to manage and budget their money and how to make good food that was good and nutritious for them.
This group is dedacated to Helen R. Russell, my mom RIP.

Kim Biegacki
Jan 23, 2013

I also had my 1st Soup Exchange this weekend too.

Here is the link that you can read all about it. We had fun and better yet I have 7 quarts of soup in my freezer to choose from for dinner. It was a lovely time with family and friends. 1st Annual Soup Exchange 2013

Kim Biegacki
Jan 22, 2013

New soup I made at a Polish cooking class this weekend

Hunters Stew (Polish) Wow, talk about authentic and amazing with flavors. This one is so delicious and very unique too. Of course, the special polish smoked keilbasa really added flavor too. Check it it out and see what you think.

Kim Biegacki
Nov 12, 2012

Cream of Celery and Stilton Soup is outstanding!

Tried a new recipe over the weekend and it is so incredibly delicious! It is Nancy Robeson's creation called Cream of Celery and Stilton Soup

Millie Johnson
Nov 7, 2012

looking for mexican corn soup !

I had it at a Mexican market and it was soo good. It had cilantro in it. It was not spicy or hot. Help !

Kim Biegacki
Sep 9, 2012

Hi Eddie, had to join up in the "Soup of the Week" group

Thought I would share my Quick Italian Minestrone Soup with the group. I just made a big batch of this yesterday and will enjoy all week. I always make up my pasta separate and measure it out into my bowl first and then add a couple ladles full of the minestrone.

Jeremy Martin
Dec 22, 2011

Lovely mushroom soup.

Hi, I'm new here. I came up with this soup last winter, and the flavors came out very nicely. It's a great cuddle-up kind of soup. Awaken the Passion Mushroom Soup

Patty Berry
Jun 1, 2011

awesome baked potato soup....

has anyone ever made good ole cream of potato soup? Well add, little pieces of bacon and sourcream to it and chives and here is the secert 8 ounce bar of cream cheese!!! it does something to any soup...people ask me whats so different about it cause its creamy texture? and i tell them its the cream cheese!!! try it and see if someone ask.......pattycake