When Kitchen Gadgets Attack

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I felt compelled to start this group since I've sliced and diced my fingers more then once while preparing food. I now have a special glove I wear on my left hand that a knife can't cut through. What's your story?

Mar 1, 2011

Madelins Attack !!

A few summers ago I was in the kitchen getting things ready to stir fry and my dear husband came into check and see if all was ready and I went down to slice somthing with my mandelin & well I did not watch close enough and there ah went 2 fingertips ... thank goodness I did not need stiches just lots of attention after my loving hubby helping with my fingers and we ah got the bleeding to finally STOP { 1 hour later } all was good and we got me all fixed up and I then checked the mandelin found out I did not have to the safety guard on { DUH } so ... next time I will for sure !!!

Jo Zimny
Mar 1, 2011

Vicious Cabbage Attacked Me!

I thought I'd start off this discussion group with my story. Back in November I was coring a rather unruly cabbage and it attacked the thumb on my left hand. It required stitches. The darn thing bit right through the nail too! It was a vicious attack. I now have a great pair of gloves that will solve this problem. Now if a cabbage tries to attack me it won't be able to cut through my glove. Since the glove purchase I am happy to announce that I haven't had any more trouble with cabbages!