Recipes for picky toddlers and everyone else

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My 3 y/o is a VERY picky eater. There are only a few foods that he will even consider indulging in. These foods are - egg drop soup (not eggs), potatoe chips, roman noodles, sometimes cheese, chicken prepared all ways, sometimes hotdogs, all fruits (never any veggies besides corn), peanut butter, popcorn, any and all chocolate and candies, chocolate/starwberry milk, sometimes white rice, sometimes marshmellows, grahm crackers and breads. As u can see, he has a limited menu and it's VERY difficult 2 feed someone who only eats junk food. I would love 2 know if there are any other mommies dealing with this same issue, as I would love some advice AND some recipes. Please keep in mind that he eats with his eyes first. If it doesn't look good, he will tell me "I don't like it" - even b4 he trys it. Im frusterated and irritated and I need some help PLEASE! Thank you so much for your help ...... Jenne

Christine Lockwood
Feb 27, 2011

I understand

Jenifer, I understand about the picky eater.... my 4 year old is one too. I have found a few ways to get some veggies in. Our favorite is in spaghetti sauce. I shred veggies into the sauce and cook them down. She never knows the difference. Carrots work well and red bell pepper. have you tried veggie hot dogs? We were feeding our daughter pasta sometimes 3 times a week we only give her whole wheat pasta and the veggie sauce. But before she could have any of what she wants she needs to first have at least one bite of what we are having, experts say that a child must try something at least 12 times before they can appreciate the taste. just keep with it and try one or two things at a time, he will come around. Our daughter is now eating a larger variety of foods. we are still trying to be creative, but she will now eat some veggies raw even. her favorite right now is celery, we gave it to her with peanut butter or cream cheese. now she eats it plain, go figure. there are some products out there with a serving of veg in them but I try to make them myself no preservatives. Another thing we did was cut down on the sugar intake. Don't know if that had anything to do with it but it is worth a try.