New Mexican Foodies!

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Hi! I thought this would be a good way to connect with other food enthusiasts in New Mexico. Let's talk about our favorite red chile, green chile, & salsa! Also, any input on local restaurants could be great too!

Please only post relevant ~NEW Mexican~info & recipes!

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Love my Mexican food, so excited to join the group !

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Millie Johnson
Feb 28, 2013

Hi Everyone!

Found this group through a share and had to join ! I used to live in Santa Fe when I was younger and absolutely loved it. My ex and I lived just a few blocks from the Plaza. I will have to look through all the group recipes tonight ! I wished I had time to do it now but I have some chores I must get done and then supper cooked. Darn ! lol :)

Patsy G
Feb 5, 2013

Vegetable Chili Rellenos

When I visited New Mexico several years ago,we had the best chili rellenos,they were stuffed with vegetables and cheese. I'm also looking for the rellenos that aren't real eggy and fluffy,I would prefer a more crispy relleno. Any recipes out there? I don't remember what kind of veggies but I would think corn,onions,Mexican squash or zucchini.

Dena Holland
Mar 25, 2012

Ola! I am new and LOVE Mexican food!!!

Hi I just found this cooking site and then now have gone into it a bit more to see the groups.. I saw "Mexican" and had to join!!! I am very green(new) about Mex recipes but I can't get enough of the flavours.. My faves to order are burritos.. and Quesadillas and ... I'm sure you get the idea.. I would love to know how to make these dishes I can get in the restaurants.. Canada doesn't have the Mex ingredients variety like I have found in the USA grocery stores; heaps of tacos corn or flour in huge packages!! lol No canned Pinto beans if you can believe that.. and the prices are so much cheaper for these things in the US. (love the USA BTW) Love avacadoes.. I have a mild palate though so nothing too spicy .. mild salsa is great for me and I love the taste or coriander!!! The best fresh salsa I have had was in Olde towne San Diego, CA ..Thanks for making this group up!!! Mucho Grasias! Dena Calgary Alberta Canada .. Adios for now.. :)

Trina Alaniz
Mar 24, 2012

Mexican Crab Tostadas (tostadas de jaiba)

Hello, my friends, just wanted to let you know that I will be posting a new recipe this week. It is an authentic Mexican recipe, given to me by a niece whom is a fabulous cook. She is originally from Mexico. This is delicious, fast and easy. Keep an eye out for it and try it, I know you will love it.

Debbie Vaughn
Feb 21, 2012

Love Mexican Food

I'm looking for a recipe for Chilaquiles. I used to eat at a Mexican Resturant in Chicago. The resturant is no longer there. I remember it had ground beef and corn chips in it and cheese all over the top when served. I loved this. I have not seen it in any other resturant. I also can't find in online recipes. I've also checked Mexican cook books. Can anyone help? Thanks

Blondie Pussycat
Dec 18, 2011

Favorite New Mexican Restaurant...

If in Northern NM, My favorite is Rancho de Chimayo in Chimayo: another is Antonio's in Taos.

ali Bresnahan
Dec 13, 2011


i just posted this question at the "All Things Mexican" group too, hoping somebody can help me out. I live in Hawaii, don't know much about Mexican food (except that i like eating it)...someone was nice enough to bring me some fruit from his yard, including some small green squash-looking fruit that he called "guisquil." does anybody know what they are or how to prepare them? i think they grow in Mexico and Nicaragua, and may also be called chayote. Any ideas for me??