Campfire Creations

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I needed to create a way to have delicious meals for my husband and myself to savor while we spent several days camping in our favorite spot in the woods. We camp several days each year and I love variety so burgers and dogs everytime does not cut if for me. If you have great campfire concoctions, please share. I would love to try something new. Wishing you good Cooking, great friends, & grand memories!

Rebecca Burke
Oct 10, 2011

Chocolate clouds

we used to make these delectable desserts when we net camping.

You get the pillsbury grands packages and divide each in half. So you have two circles. Then you put whatever you want in the middle. We always used hesheys chocolate and junior mints. Then you seal the two halves together making it is sealed really well. Then wrap it in tow layers of aluminum foil leaving some room because they expand a lot. Cooking time will very dramatically based on the temperature of the coals. You get good at it after a while.

Diane Eldridge
Feb 23, 2011


i can't camp any more because of disability but i did for as many[ and as long] as i could
i have several great campfire recipes all cooked over open fire first do u have cooking pots,pans stuff to cook with and what type...we made whole 5 course meals outside...