Indiana Cookers!

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A group for those in Indiana who love to cook down-home meals with a Hoosier flair!

Open to Indiana residents, Indiana Originals, or fans of Indiana cooking!

Ellen Bales
Mar 9, 2013

New Group

Please check out my new group, "Hot Topics." It it a group dedicated to sharing ideas, opinions, and points of view, as well as recipes. In this group, no topics are forbidden, anything goes!

Ellen Bales
Dec 24, 2012


Wishing everyone in the group a very Merry Christmas!

Ellen Bales
Sep 17, 2012

Another Native Hoosier

Hi, my name is Ellen and I live on the west side of Indianapolis, not far from Clermont, which is not far from Avon. I'm a widow of 20 years with a grown son, one grown granddaughter who has three little ones, and my son also has a 12-year-old daughter. I live just one mile from my son and his younger girl, so I get to practice my cooking and baking techniques on them quite often. I am so happy for this chance to share some of the wonderful recipes handed down in my Hoosier family.

Monica H
Aug 29, 2011

Munster Farmer's Market

Yesterday morning I went to the Munster Farmer's Market in Centennial Park and stocked up on fresh new haven peaches, some gypsy peppers, bell peppers, huge onions, real nice and big tomatoes, and even got some home-made doggie treats for my ol' boy Caesar. (A lady was there who bakes her own dog treats...apparently she does a real good job because Caesar loved them more than any other treat I've ever given him!)

Anyway, with some of the local Indiana produce I got, I made an awesome fruit salad, and I want to share, so here you go!:

Starfruit (Carambola) Fruit Salad

Julia Ferguson
Aug 26, 2011

Hello Fellow Hoosiers

Hi! My name is Julia, everyone calls me Judy. Saw this group and joined. Just wanted to stop by and introduce myself. I live in Greenwood, Indiana. About 15 miles south of downtown Indy. I'm married, the Hubs and I are both retired. I love to cook, bake and try new recipes. Glad to see others from Indy.