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I thought we should have a group where we could share something that we use all the time in the Kitchen. Also what we have found in those wonderful kitchen stores and have tried out and enjoy using.

Catherine Ferensic
Jan 17, 2018

food processor & stand mixer

i'm looking for a food processor can't decide which size or (cup) that I want and I eventually have to buy a new mixer,also want to suggest to all to chect out Hot Logic family size & mini oven bags,i have 2-3 plus pets to cook for just found an 8 cup food processor at big lots not sure of the price i'm thinking it's going to be to small thinking need larger

Catherine Ferensic
Feb 20, 2017

Presser cookers

questions- i'm trying to decide weather to purchase a Presser cooker xl (10 quart) or instant pot anyone have the products or your thoughts thanks JAP's.

Heidi Hoerman
Jul 25, 2015

New gadget love: OXO cherry pitter

My freezer is positively bursting with single-servings of pitted cherries! Love them. Don't love paying $5-plus a bag in the winter. Fresh cherries are cheap now and my new cherry pitter means I'm finally taking advantage of it. Perhaps my favorite part of the OXO pitter is the little tubular shield that aims the juice and prevents the splatter-mess of cherry juice going everywhere.

Bennie Shaw
Nov 25, 2011


Someone on JAP was talking about a hand held "dealie" that you can use to separate hamburger, sausage or any kind of meat. It is white hard plastic. Has a handle with + on the bottom to separate meat. Makes cooking HB a breeze. I found some last year but the store has gone out of business. Can anyone help?

Sher Bird
Aug 23, 2011

Microplane my fave!

How many of you have Microplanes? I love mine. It is great for grating citrus rind (which I put in vinaigrette, jams, soups, desserts, etc.). So handy, I hang it near my stove.

I also love my mini food processor/chopper. Use it to chop onions, garlic, etc. nearly every day.

Also have a big chinese cleaver I love to use to slice meats.

What gadgets do you have that you use the most and love? What gadgets just didn't cut it for you?

I had a tube that you rolled your garlic in to take off the peel. What a waste. I simple hit the garlic clove with the flat side of my knife... the skin splits and peels right off.

Apr 16, 2011

Cookie Cutteres ( kids say the darnest things)

My sister is a Child Care Provider, She is very creative and she like for the kids to be involved in making thier lunch. So on special teaching sessions she has a Kids Chef day.. So one day she ask the kids what would that like to make. As she was looking in the fridge one of the kids handed her a cutter toy cutter. Here Mrs Freda( my sister name) I'am ready to cook, I have my Pampered Chef Cookie Cutter.. My sister laughed.

While later that day when the parents came to pick up the kids. The childs mother came in, to pick up her son.. My sister went up to the mother and said i heard the funniest thing today. She explained the lunch and the cookie cutter. The mother said oh yes, we use cookie cutters to make animal sliders, he loves it, because it make him part of cooking and he can tell his friends the zoo came to dinner..

So now when i baby sister here come out the cookie

Cipe Ninjaz
Feb 16, 2011

Potato Ricer?!

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to use a potato ricer for? I was recently given one and don't have a clue what to do with it!

Wendy Rusch
Feb 15, 2011

cookie dough scoopers!

Cookie Dough many uses are there...I use them darn things for everything anymore...I can't believe I only used them for cookies the first yrs I had them...not even thinking to use them for something else...I have 4 sizes of them now...

Please add to this list, I love new ideas:

~cookies, obviously

~filling cupcake pans

~filling mini cupcake pans

~making meatballs

~making miniature ice cream cones for kids

~recently I discovered it is great for scooping bread dough, it sure helps to get even size dinner rolls. I use my larger medium scooper and use 2 scoops per roll and I get the perfect size and cute dinner rolls.

~melon baller

~frosting a mini cupcake, it makes cute lil
mound tops on them

~making truffles or bon bons, ya get uniform size candies every time...

I know there is probably more...just can't think of them at the moment...